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Companies looking to eliminate Buddy Punching and reduce labor costs by automating common HR features will find a comprehensive solution in TMS Workforce Management Solution by Advance Systems Inc. Implemented by companies in a variety of industries, the system provides fully customizable employee databases, dashboards, and reporting designed to fit a business’s needs.

Within the Time and Attendance suite, TMS Workforce Management Solution provides a variety of time clock options, including standard time clocks, computer-based clocking, mobile phone clocking, fingerprint readers, and more. By implementing biometric time clocks, businesses eliminate the possibility of employees clocking in for one another. The biometric time clocks can easily read through dirt, sweat, and grime to prevent trouble clocking in. If biometrics aren’t desired, companies can use pin numbers, swipe cards, ID badges, and more.

Within the Absence Tracking module, managers can track PTO, Leave Management, FMLA leave, as well as tracking attendance issues across specific employees. If a trend is noticed, the system can send an alert to the specific manager, so that action can be taken to correct the offending behavior. The Leave Management application helps ensure that each company sticks to state and federal guidelines, as well as pre-set company policies. This way, businesses can be confident they are adhering to all laws when granting permission for leave of any sort.


TMS Workforce Management - Time and attendance system
  • TMS Workforce Management - Time and attendance system
    Time and attendance system
  • TMS Workforce Management - Biometric employee time clock
    Biometric employee time clock
  • TMS Workforce Management - Time allocation
    Time allocation
  • TMS Workforce Management - Employee self service
    Employee self service
  • TMS Workforce Management - Mobile workforce
    Mobile workforce
  • TMS Workforce Management - Reporting and analysis
    Reporting and analysis
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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