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Onspring is a cloud-based, no-code software for reporting, analysis, process management, and coordination. Our connected solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance, ITSM, and Business Operations create efficiencies for your teams...Read more about Onspring

4.74 (50 reviews)

8 recommendations

NAVEX IRM (formerly Lockpath)

Recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for both IT Risk Management and IT Vendor Risk Management, NAVEX IRM brings visibility to risks frequently managed in disparate sources. It aggregates internal data points fro...Read more about NAVEX IRM (formerly Lockpath)

4.65 (20 reviews)

4 recommendations


LineSlip Private Equity ingests and digitizes commercial insurance program documents, translating the information into insurance intelligence. The software’s easy-to-understand, data-rich dashboards provide instantaneous access to...Read more about LineSlip

No reviews yet

4 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

Intellect provides a flexible enterprise Quality Management Software (eQMS) solution and platform designed to meet any FDA and ISO compliance requirements, as well as digital transformation goals. Built on the Intellect Compliance...Read more about Intellect

4.53 (57 reviews)

3 recommendations

Fusion Framework System

The Fusion Framework System is a risk and resilience platform designed to help businesses understand how their business works, how it breaks, and how to put it back together again. Fusion's software helps organizations visualize t...Read more about Fusion Framework System

4.45 (40 reviews)

2 recommendations

Risk Cloud

LogicGate is a cloud-based SaaS solution that helps organizations automate their risk and compliance programs. Instead of depending on spreadsheets and email to handle the most critical risk and compliance activities, LogicGate ce...Read more about Risk Cloud

4.72 (29 reviews)

2 recommendations


VelocityEHS ESG|EHS software is trusted by 1/3 of the Fortune Global 1000 and thousands of other companies across industries to manage the environment, health, and safety programs. VelocityEHS modules include incident management...Read more about VelocityEHS

4.19 (26 reviews)

2 recommendations


AuditUtopia® is a real-time Inspection Management System used to host inspections and audits, trusted by small to large life science companies worldwide. Many organizations choose AuditUtopia® as the center of their inspection/aud...Read more about AuditUtopia

4.72 (18 reviews)

2 recommendations


Aclaimant is a web-based solution that helps organizations manage safety and risk in the workplace. It is suitable for organizations in various industries such as construction, real estate, staffing, hospitality, insurance, and ot...Read more about Aclaimant

No reviews yet

2 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

AuditBoard transforms how audit, risk, and compliance teams manage today’s dynamic risk landscape with a modern, connected platform that engages the front lines, surfaces the risks that matter, and drives better strategic decision...Read more about AuditBoard

4.72 (57 reviews)

1 recommendations


Resolver’s risk management software is a cloud-based solution for midsize to larger enterprises that serves customers across a variety of industries and business needs. These industries include banking and financial services, heal...Read more about Resolver

4.33 (42 reviews)

1 recommendations


FORM OpX is a field service solution that provides tools that aim to optimize the workflow involved in traditional field service operations. Based on a variety of responses, the system triggers events that are situationally approp...Read more about FORM OpX

4.52 (27 reviews)

1 recommendations

EHS Insight

EHS Insight is a cloud-based environmental health and safety (EHS) and quality management solution. It helps clients track environmental effects, manages security and risks and ensures compliance with requirements. EHS Insight of...Read more about EHS Insight

4.43 (23 reviews)

1 recommendations

ACE Essentials

Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE) A Highly configurable, workflow-based, quality management system built for companies with complex needs. Integrates with Office 365, SSO, and other enterprise software. ACE Essentials A turn-key f...Read more about ACE Essentials

No reviews yet

1 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform for teams of 20+ that is suitable for both large enterprises and SMBs. It supports remote work for various teams. This solution comes with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view f...Read more about Wrike


Winner of Capterra’s Ease of use Badge, OnBoard is a board intelligence platform that simplifies board meeting management and empowers more informed decision-making, more secure remote meetings, and real-time accessibility from an...Read more about OnBoard


Okta Identity Suite is a cloud-based identity management solution that caters to businesses across various industries such as information technology (IT), consumer services, energy and utilities, telecommunications and more. Key f...Read more about Okta


Ventture is a membership management software, which helps professional trainers build websites and offer online courses to members in a unified interface. The solution allows teams to create and edit content, attach files to the c...Read more about Ventture


BuildingConnected provides the largest crowd-sourced network in commercial construction, empowering builders to save time and increase accuracy while managing bids. BC Pro helps general contractors and owners find the right subcon...Read more about BuildingConnected


iAuditor by SafetyCulture is an inspection checklist application that allows users to build checklists, file reports and conduct inspections through a tablet or mobile phone. The solution is designed for a wide range of industries...Read more about iAuditor

Splunk Enterprise

The Splunk Enterprise platform allows users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. It includes data indexing tools, which enable users to locate specific data across large data sets. The software is d...Read more about Splunk Enterprise

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is a security solution that helps organizations overcome compliance and operational challenges. Netwrix solutions empower you with total control over what's going on in your hybrid IT environment by delivering acti...Read more about Netwrix Auditor

Nintex Promapp

Nintex is a workflow management solution that caters to a variety of industries including energy, health and life sciences, financial services and government. It is suitable for departments such as customer services, human resourc...Read more about Nintex Promapp


RationalPlan is a project management solution that helps small and midsize businesses plan projects, allocate resources, analyze workloads, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets. Students, universitie...Read more about RationalPlan

4.42 (98 reviews)

ProcessGene GRC Software Suite

ProcessGene is a cloud-based governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform that helps multi-subsidiary organizations automate workflows and reduce costs and man hours in implementing GRC programs. Features include risk audits, da...Read more about ProcessGene GRC Software Suite

4.48 (97 reviews)

MasterControl Quality Excellence

FrontRunners 2022

MasterControl Quality Excellence (a QMS Software Solution) is an integrated quality management system that eliminates the need to paper-based quality processes. It helps life-science companies adhere more efficiently to the ever-c...Read more about MasterControl Quality Excellence

4.48 (94 reviews)


ServiceChannel Service Automation is an integrated suite of cloud- and mobile-based solutions to help manage the entire process of facilities management, including finding contractors and suppliers, entering all planned and demand...Read more about ServiceChannel

4.31 (91 reviews)


PolicyStat is a cloud-based policy management software, which helps businesses of all sizes manage procedures and documentation. Key features include compliance tracking, auditing, contract management and collaboration. The p...Read more about RLDatix

4.53 (90 reviews)


Omnigo is a public safety, incident and security management solution. The software is suitable for law enforcement, education and health care organizations. Key features include tools to help users manage Clery Act investigations,...Read more about Omnigo

4.36 (84 reviews)


Egnyte is a cloud-based file sharing solution designed to help small to large organizations collaborate remote teams and provide secured access to confidential data. Features include customizable branding, multiple user management...Read more about Egnyte

4.53 (83 reviews)


MOVEit is a file transferring platform that has a flexible design which provides workflow automation, reporting and multi-layered security. It provides enterprises with the flexibility to control, observe and schedule critical fil...Read more about MOVEit

4.70 (83 reviews)


Cority offers a cloud-based, enterprise quality management and compliance software solution for midsize to large global manufacturers. It is suitable for manufacturers that operate in industries such as automotive, aerospace and d...Read more about Cority

4.33 (81 reviews)


Truce is a cloud-based risk and compliance management solution, which helps small to large businesses maintain employee safety and manage mobile device usage at the workplace. Key features include workgroup formation, behavioral a...Read more about TRUCE

4.11 (81 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

The HighBond by Diligent (formerly Galvanize) Platform is modernizing governance by providing companies with a holistic view of governance, risk and compliance initiatives that helps them achieve their strategic objectives while c...Read more about HighBond

4.47 (79 reviews)


Mango is a cloud-based quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management solution, which assists small to large organizations with audit trail and event scheduling. Key features include asset record-keeping, root cause a...Read more about Mango

4.64 (77 reviews)

Benchmark Risk + Compliance

With Benchmark Risk + Compliance platform’s solutions, we can help your company strengthen the foundation of your ESG program allowing you to minimize risk, enhance safety programs, improve compliance and performance, and deliver ...Read more about Benchmark Risk + Compliance

4.34 (74 reviews)


Safesite is a cloud-based software that helps construction and real estate businesses design and conduct inspections and audits to record safety issues and ensure a secure workplace. Organizations can log hazards, define resolutio...Read more about Safesite

4.73 (73 reviews)


ActiveDEMAND is a cloud-based marketing automation solution that caters to marketing agencies and helps them to create and manage their marketing campaigns. The solution includes marketing automation functionalities for small busi...Read more about ActiveDEMAND

4.22 (72 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

KPA EHS software (formerly iScout) helps organizations build a comprehensive safety program, make data-driven decisions, and take real-time action to keep their employees safe. The easy to configure platform gives organizatio...Read more about KPA EHS

4.82 (71 reviews)

Conga Contracts

Contracts are crucial to every business, which is why it’s so important to end the era of manual and disjointed contract processes. Conga’s contract management solutions empower you to improve customer and user experiences, while ...Read more about Conga Contracts

4.33 (70 reviews)


Teramind offers employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Teramind UAM monitors user activities on applications, websites, file systems, network, email, social media and more. Behavio...Read more about Teramind

4.62 (69 reviews)

HSI Donesafe

FrontRunners 2022

Donesafe provides an online all-in-one EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) management software solution that connects all workers across an organization. Donesafe supports all industry types and organizations large and small. Our...Read more about HSI Donesafe

4.76 (67 reviews)


Kount is a financial fraud detection and DDoS solution that helps businesses reduce chargebacks, prevent account takeovers, detect anomalies and more from within a centralized platform. It allows staff members to identify, segment...Read more about Kount

4.70 (67 reviews)

Contractor Compliance

Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based contractor management solution that enables organizations of all sizes to manage, analyze and measure environmental health and safety compliance requirements. Professionals can utilize the pl...Read more about Contractor Compliance

4.63 (64 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

QT9 Quality Management Software is a web-based QMS software used by companies to comply with ISO and FDA quality standards. The software is available for deployment either on-premise or in the cloud. The tool eliminates the need f...Read more about QT9 QMS

4.74 (61 reviews)


Qualio is am all-in-one, cloud-based quality management system purpose-built for the Life Science industry. Key features include document creation and review, collaboration, employee training and audit trails. Qualio enables use...Read more about Qualio

4.67 (60 reviews)

A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker Contract Management Software is a cloud-based contract management & lifecycle platform. A1 Tracker's features include contract approval workflow, documents, vendors, audits, reminder notifications, templates, certi...Read more about A1 Tracker

4.91 (55 reviews)


Signifyd is a cloud-based eCommerce protection platform designed to help businesses of all sizes prevent fraud and maximize conversions. The Signifyd Commerce Network houses behavioral and transactional data for over 10,000 mercha...Read more about Signifyd

4.67 (55 reviews)

EcoOnline Platform

FrontRunners 2022

EcoOnline EHS is recognised as the most user-friendly EHS software solution on the market. With an innovative approach to user accessibility and business intelligence, EcoOnline engages all users to efficiently record data and obt...Read more about EcoOnline Platform

4.61 (54 reviews)


Qualtrax is a quality management and compliance software that helps enterprises train employees and manage accreditations, documents and other business processes. Professionals can link documents with relevant regulatory standards...Read more about Qualtrax

4.89 (54 reviews)


CookieScript is a fully-featured Consent Management Platform, that automates and simplifies the management of user consents in compliance with the latest regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and CNIL. CookieScript can be integrated...Read more about CookieScript

4.83 (54 reviews)

Regroup Mass Notification

FrontRunners 2022

Regroup is a mass notification solution that helps businesses in education, healthcare, hospitality and other industries send and receive alerts via multiple communication channels. The GeoFence messaging functionality enables use...Read more about Regroup Mass Notification

4.38 (53 reviews)


Q-Pulse is a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution for the manufacturing, health care and airline industries. The solution enables organizations to manage their processes and take preventive action. Q-Pulse provides on-pr...Read more about Q-Pulse

4.27 (52 reviews)


The #1 Online HSEQ platform for all your needs! Choose from training, safety management, compliance, and COVID-19 solutions for businesses of all sizes, across all industry types. Our combination of technology and content solution...Read more about HSI

4.65 (52 reviews)

SEON. Fraud Fighters

FrontRunners 2022

SEON is a modern fraud prevention SaaS that can be implemented into your website or app. Use our modular APIs to enrich customer data (IP addresses, emails and phone numbers) and our device fingerprinting to accurately track your ...Read more about SEON. Fraud Fighters

4.94 (50 reviews)


BizAway is a travel booking solution to handle business travel and optimize resources using a simple yet very intuitive interface, retaining all billing and expenses under control, with incorporable travel policies and automated a...Read more about BizAway

4.72 (50 reviews)


EnterpriseInsight is a SaaS platform that helps users manage business risk. With configurable pre-built risk frameworks, it overcomes the complexities of implementing and updating other ERM-GRC platforms. The interface is equipped...Read more about VendorINSIGHT

4.49 (49 reviews)

TeamMate+ Audit

TeamMate+ Audit is a cloud-based audit management tool for businesses of all sizes to improve the visibility, efficiency and consistency of internal audits across the departmental and organizational levels. TeamMate+ allows audito...Read more about TeamMate+ Audit

4.21 (48 reviews)


Gatekeeper is a cloud-based vendor and contact management solution. Key features include automated alerts, customization and collaboration tools and integrations with other software. Users can manage contracts and vendor in...Read more about Gatekeeper

4.77 (47 reviews)


Keto is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses create automated workflows to manage teams, projects, ideas, tasks, risks and other operations via a unified portal. The platform includes sprints and flip views, which enable u...Read more about Keto

3.98 (46 reviews)

CobbleStone Contract Insight

CobbleStone Contract Insight provides enterprise CLM software that has been selected by thousands of contract and procurement professionals spanning the globe. CobbleStone’s award-winning software, Contract Insight, is fully confi...Read more about CobbleStone Contract Insight

4.78 (45 reviews)

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians handle day-to-day tasks. The solution can manage multiple user accounts in AD, Microsof...Read more about ManageEngine ADManager Plus

4.47 (45 reviews)


TRUENDO Technologies is a Vienna-based software company that specializes in data privacy management solutions. The TRUENDO Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a highly automated, flexible, and reliable software that can be imp...Read more about TRUENDO

4.68 (44 reviews)


HIPAA One is a cloud-based HIPAA compliance solution designed to help businesses maintain compliance across operational processes. Key features include data encryption, email phishing protection, source code review, penetration te...Read more about HIPAA One

4.77 (43 reviews)


Openli is a platform to help businesses towards GDPR compliance. We are on a mission to create compliance software that makes online compliance simple, and helps businesses become better data citizens. Our main audience is legal ...Read more about Openli

4.83 (41 reviews)

Granite Risk Management

Granite Risk Management is an easy-to-use risk management software for managing risks, incidents and compliance. Features include customisable risk templates, guided risk assessment and control tracking. With Granite users can c...Read more about Granite Risk Management

4.27 (41 reviews)


IntegrityNext is a cloud-based system, which helps small, medium, and multi-national entities measure the sustainability of suppliers. This platform promises security as it is engineered with security tools to restrict unauthorize...Read more about IntegrityNext

4.40 (40 reviews)

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a Windows auditing, security, and compliance solution. Key features include comprehensive logon auditing, detailed change monitoring, real-time risk alerting, and streamlined compliance reporting for A...Read more about ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

4.28 (39 reviews)

Tandem Software

Tandem's web-based application is designed to manage the compliance burden of information security regulations and improve the security posture of each of its users. Tandem is a business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) co...Read more about Tandem Software

4.76 (37 reviews)

Cognibox CMS

Cognibox CMS is a cloud-based compliance management solution designed for businesses in several industry segments, including aerospace, mining, telecommunication, energy, agriculture and oil & gas. It enables organizations to opti...Read more about Cognibox CMS

4.41 (37 reviews)


Virtru is a cloud-based data privacy and security platform that helps businesses of all sizes across education, IT, manufacturing, finance and various other industries manage and encrypt emails. The application enables supervisor...Read more about Virtru

4.61 (36 reviews)


iGrafx is a business process management (BPM) solution. Key features include process automation, performance management, risk and compliance tools and SAP optimization, and offers cloud-based and on-premise deployments. Proce...Read more about iGrafx

4.71 (34 reviews)


Checkbox is an award-winning no code platform which allows users to build their own business apps for process automation. Apps are built using Checkbox’s intuitive drag and drop interface, which requires no technical knowledge. Th...Read more about Checkbox

4.91 (33 reviews)


Esker is a global cloud platform built to unlock strategic value for finance and customer service professionals, and strengthen collaboration between companies by automating the cash conversion cycle. Esker’s mission is to build ...Read more about Esker

4.58 (33 reviews)


Falcony is a cloud-based application fit for mobile and tablet use. It can be used by businesses of all sizes. This tool is made to improve facilities/property management. It allows users to customise audit templates and score ran...Read more about Falcony

4.72 (32 reviews)


Salus Pro is an EHS management solution that allows businesses to streamline field service operations via reporting, time tracking, digital forms and more. It provides mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, which lets pr...Read more about SALUS

4.56 (32 reviews)


Trusted by insurance brokers/carriers and property managers, SmartCompliance is a self-service insurance tracking and compliance management solution designed to assist organizations with automating the certificate of insurance (CO...Read more about SmartCompliance

4.45 (31 reviews)


Fluix is a no-code, simple-to-use software solution that helps companies to digitize documents and automate routine tasks, all in one place. We solve the pain points of office and field teams who want to deliver faster and gather...Read more about Fluix

4.90 (31 reviews)


Our policy management software automates your policy management life cycle and provides the “evidential weight” required to protect organisations from brand degradation and reputational threats. From creation and management to pu...Read more about MetaCompliance

4.58 (31 reviews)


ZilicusPM is a cloud-based project management solution that helps small to midsize businesses manage tasks, expenses, resources and more. It enables users to create work breakdown structures (WBS) using project deliverables and sc...Read more about ZilicusPM

4.65 (31 reviews)

Unitrends Backup

Unitrends Backup is a cloud backup solution that offers comprehensive backup, deduplication, archive, and instant recovery for any disaster protection scenario. Users can easily protect any physical, virtual, and cloud environment...Read more about Unitrends Backup

4.68 (31 reviews)

DataGuard Privacy-as-a-Service

DataGuard Privacy-as-a-Service solution offers companies of all sizes the key to long-term peace of mind. DataGuard helps businesses comply with regulations like the GDPR. With a combination of human expertise and a web-based pl...Read more about DataGuard Privacy-as-a-Service

4.60 (30 reviews)


Quentic is a cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) solution for businesses of all sizes across various industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive, chemical (HazMat) management, compliance...Read more about Quentic

4.82 (28 reviews)

Alcumus Field iD

Field iD is a digital asset inspection system designed by safety experts to help organizations reach operational excellence. This platform allows EHS professionals in high-risk industries centralize all data and boost efficiency w...Read more about Alcumus Field iD

4.54 (28 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Alessa is an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software that helps businesses in banking, finance, insurance, retail and other industries streamline operations related to due diligence, sanctions screening and transaction mon...Read more about Alessa

4.26 (27 reviews)


ecoPortal is a risk management software for businesses in New Zealand, which helps them conduct environment, health and safety (EHS) from a centralized platform. Managers can receive notifications about safety incidents and affect...Read more about ecoPortal

4.58 (26 reviews)


Avetta Connect is a web-based platform designed to help organizations access and manage a network of suppliers. It offers tools for compliance tracking, performance monitoring, workforce management, built-in reporting, supply chai...Read more about Avetta

2.04 (26 reviews)

Qualityze Suite

Qualityze EQMS Suite is a Salesforce cloud-based compliance and process management system that helps in developing and maintaining good quality procedures and policies by solving compliance and quality issues. QualityzeEQMS Suite ...Read more about Qualityze Suite

5.00 (26 reviews)


ZenGRC is a cloud-based and on-premise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solution. It serves businesses of all sizes in any industry, including technology, retail, consumer goods, health care and finance. Primary fe...Read more about ZenGRC

4.44 (25 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Pirani Riskment Suite is a risk management platform designed to help businesses control, govern and maintain compliance across corporate processes. Administrators can set up different evaluation criteria and identify risks based o...Read more about Pirani

4.44 (25 reviews)

Turnkey Lender

TurnKey Lender provides an end-to-end system that automates every step of the lending process, from the loan application and borrower evaluation to origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, reporting, compliance, and more....Read more about Turnkey Lender

4.52 (25 reviews)

FORM MarketX

FORM MarketX, formerly known as GoSpotCheck, is a mobile task management platform designed to help businesses across retail, healthcare, hospitality and other industries set up corporate goals and directives for frontline employee...Read more about FORM MarketX

4.84 (25 reviews)


ISN is a contractor and supplier management system that helps businesses search, qualify, and hire contractors and suppliers according to the organization's objectives, resources, and requirements. ISN collects and verifies all th...Read more about ISNetworld

3.16 (25 reviews)


Kiteworks offers enterprise organizations secure file sharing, firewall, and collaboration solutions that enables internal and external sharing of content without requiring a VPN. The software provides content connectors to Box, D...Read more about Kiteworks

4.00 (25 reviews)


ECOMPLY is a Privacy Management Software that manages the privacy of your organization as required by laws like GDPR or LGPD. ECOMPLY assists you in collecting the relevant information and compiles it into the right formats and do...Read more about ECOMPLY

4.83 (24 reviews)

Nlyte DCIM

FrontRunners 2022

Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is designed to help businesses plan, manage and automate the entire infrastructure lifecycle including data centers and hybrid-cloud resources. It enables administrators to foreca...Read more about Nlyte DCIM

4.35 (23 reviews)


Sofvie is a web-based collaborative intelligence platform designed to enhance communication and risk management in the workplace. The platform offers various tools for data collection, record management, hazard monitoring, custom ...Read more about Sofvie

4.65 (23 reviews)

ETQ Reliance

ETQ, part of Hexagon, is the leading provider of quality, EHS and compliance management software, trusted by the world’s strongest brands. More than 600 customers globally, spanning industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics,...Read more about ETQ Reliance

4.70 (23 reviews)


Aptien is a cloud-based solution designed to manage employees and office equipment. The software allows organizing various office topics such as office and employee equipment, contracts, assets and more through a single portal. Co...Read more about Aptien

4.78 (23 reviews) is a digital identity network where users verify their identity once, and never have to re-verify their identity again across any organization where is accepted. It’s just like the driver's license in the physical worl...Read more about

4.91 (23 reviews)


NAVEX Global is a fully integrated compliance management system that allows businesses to consolidate their entire GRC program onto a scalable cloud-based platform. The suite of GRC software and training tools offers functionality...Read more about NAVEX

3.93 (22 reviews)


Founded in 2015, C1Risk is a privately held, woman, minority-owned technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. The 1Risk platform is a cloud-based SaaS, single, integrated, interconnected system designed to be the one sour...Read more about C1Risk

4.91 (22 reviews)

Alcumus eCompliance

Alcumus eCompliance is a cloud-based environmental health and safety (EHS) solution that helps EHS professionals in businesses to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of the workforce. The solution acts as a centralized repository...Read more about Alcumus eCompliance

4.41 (22 reviews)


VobeSoft is a collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes across various industries such as finance, agriculture, energy, tourism and more. The solution can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. Key features allow ...Read more about VobeSoft

4.86 (22 reviews)


AppTrana is a website and application security tool, designed to help businesses manage and maintain cloud security using scanning, Pen Testing, risk detection, always-on security, WAF, traffic monitoring, and more. It provides a ...Read more about AppTrana

4.59 (22 reviews)


Gluu is a cloud-based process management solution suited for a variety of industries. The solution helps users understand and execute their processes. Key features include process mapping, work instructions, task and case manageme...Read more about Gluu

4.59 (22 reviews)

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is an IT management solution that helps businesses handle IT infrastructure configuration and regulate compliance processes. It enables IT professionals to streamline security management operations in compliance ...Read more about Puppet Enterprise

4.41 (22 reviews)

Vector EHS Management

Vector EHS is a cloud-based safety management solution that allows organizations to record, track, and analyze incidents, inspections, hazards, observations, corrective actions, claims and more. EHS professionals can calculate i...Read more about Vector EHS Management

4.43 (21 reviews)

ProcessMAP EHS Platform

ProcessMAP is a cloud-based environmental health safety (EHS) solution that also offers risk and compliance management. With ProcessMAP, users can collect, manage and analyze risk and safety data with a central solution. Modu...Read more about ProcessMAP EHS Platform

4.38 (21 reviews)


Apptega is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps businesses design cybersecurity frameworks/programs and generate compliance reports. It enables users to build security frameworks in accordance with selected regu...Read more about Apptega

4.80 (20 reviews)

ProActivity Suite

ProActivity Suite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management platform, which enables businesses to maintain compliance with industry regulations. It helps professionals track corporate social responsibility (CSR) ini...Read more about ProActivity Suite

4.35 (20 reviews)


AppQual is a quality management and corrective and preventive action planning solution that helps businesses manage checklists, QHSE documentation, skills matrix, FMEAs, supplier evaluations and workflows from within a centralized...Read more about AppQual

4.40 (20 reviews)

GEORG Compliance Manager

GEORG Compliance Manager is a web-based software solution for the legally compliant organization of a company. This platform includes several modules that provide efficient and cross-location support in managing and controlling co...Read more about GEORG Compliance Manager

4.75 (20 reviews)


Symfact is a contract and compliance management solution for businesses of all sizes designed to help streamline the entire contract lifecycle, from compliance delivery to risk mitigation and resource planning. Key features includ...Read more about Symfact

4.37 (19 reviews)

Digital Business Transformation Suite

Enterprise Process Center, by Interfacing Technologies, is a business process management (BPM) suite that provides businesses several digitization and management programs within a single platform. The solution can be deployed eith...Read more about Digital Business Transformation Suite

4.79 (19 reviews)


SpiraPlan provides a complete Enterprise Program & Portfolio Management System in one package, that can manage your project's requirements, releases, risks, resources, documents, baselines, tasks, and defects/issues in one environ...Read more about SpiraPlan

4.00 (19 reviews)


Many financial institutions manage risk and compliance with manual process. Departments suffer from lack of communication and collaboration, incurring massive fines and penalties if efforts fall short. Ncontracts offers integrate...Read more about Ncontracts

4.84 (19 reviews)

Mine PrivacyOps

With Mine PrivacyOps, companies can improve their privacy management and increase trust in their brands. Businesses can leverage the platform's integrations and automations to optimize their data infrastructure, handle data privac...Read more about Mine PrivacyOps

4.53 (19 reviews)


With Contentverse document management, you're never from from everything you need. Offering cloud and on-prem deployment options and customizable user configurations, Contentverse can work for the unique demands of your department...Read more about Contentverse

4.11 (19 reviews)


CyberGRX is a cloud-based solution, which helps small to large enterprises manage third-party cyber risk programs. Key features include tiered assessment, gap analysis, portfolio management, prioritization, activity monitoring and...Read more about CyberGRX

4.28 (18 reviews)

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager by Healthicity is an all-in-one compliance and risk management platform made for healthcare organizations of all types. Its Basic, Professional, and Enterprise editions adapt Compliance Manager to any organizati...Read more about Compliance Manager

4.53 (17 reviews)


<-- Patch Everything You Need --> Automatically or manually install all prioritized updates for which a patch is available across your OS and Apps. Focus on the vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited inste...Read more about TOPIA

4.88 (17 reviews)


Hyperproof is an on-premise and cloud-based compliance management solution that helps businesses conduct audits, assess risks and handle compliance programs. It comes with an administrative dashboard, which enables professionals t...Read more about Hyperproof

4.71 (17 reviews)


For field operations managers, keeping your workforce focused, updated and compliant while working at remote sites can be a challenge. Re-flow makes chasing emails, paper trails and endless phone calls a thing of the past. Our ...Read more about Re-flow

4.47 (17 reviews)

Essential ERM

Essential ERM is a secure web-based Enterprise Risk Management system. Easy-to-use screens and innovative visual features engage business unit managers, executives and board members. Essential ERM is an excellent catalyst to launc...Read more about Essential ERM

4.63 (16 reviews)


LogicManager is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses implement and integrate all risk management processes in a customizable platform. The tool enables users to identify and assess high-impact risks and allocate the right ...Read more about LogicManager

4.56 (16 reviews) is a cloud-based risk management platform that offers a suite of fraud prevention tools. This solution uses AI/machine learning, real-time analytics, data mining, identity proofing, rules management, and other technology...Read more about

4.88 (16 reviews)


GoAudits is an all-in-one inspection platform that helps retail chains, telecommunication companies, food manufacturers, construction companies conduct standard, quality, and safety audits. Businesses can easily plan and schedule ...Read more about GoAudits

4.63 (16 reviews)


WeMoral is a whistleblowing SaaS solution that provides a secure system that guarantees anonymity and confidentiality. WeMoral fully satisfies all the requirements and excels the best practices. On top of your company being compli...Read more about WeMoral

4.94 (16 reviews)


JCAD CORE is a cloud-based risk management solution that enables professionals to manage compliance and monitor risk levels. The software provides features such as audit management, risk assessment, dashboards and automated alerts...Read more about JCAD CORE

4.53 (15 reviews)


IsoMetrix is an award-winning risk management software developer, providing state-of-the-art solutions for EHS, ESG and GRC management. For over 25 years, global companies have trusted IsoMetrix to manage their environmental, heal...Read more about IsoMetrix

3.73 (15 reviews)

Vera EHS

Vera EHS by KPA is an EHS platform designed specifically for auto dealers. With a comprehensive set of features, the platform can help automate manual processes, reduce risk costs, and manage safety. Using the Vera EHS mobile app,...Read more about Vera EHS

4.60 (15 reviews)

Jamio openwork

Jamio openwork is a no-code Platform as a Service. Jamio enables citizen developers to build software applications quickly, without coding. Jamio is a business process management platform to automate workflows, manage documents, ...Read more about Jamio openwork

4.07 (15 reviews)


Integrum is a fully integrated, cloud-based or in-premise, QHSE Risk and Compliance platform. Used by organizations of all sizes, across diverse sectors of commerce and government to manage incidents; conduct audits and inspection...Read more about Integrum

4.07 (14 reviews)

USM Anywhere

USM Anywhere is a cloud-based security platform which helps midsize to large enterprises with risk detection, vulnerability assessment, security monitoring and threat response. The security platform enables users to collect and ...Read more about USM Anywhere

4.43 (14 reviews)


4me is an enterprise service management solution that helps organizations, government agencies and managed service providers (MSPs) automate workflows, manage access and track the productivity of employees. It enables employees to...Read more about 4me

4.71 (14 reviews)


LifeSaver is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage drivers and compliance with policies by automatically detecting drive status and blocking cell phone usage. The platform enables organizations to define custom...Read more about LifeSaver

4.14 (14 reviews)

PICC Software

PICC Software is a turnkey augmented intelligence solution which makes individual, collective and artificial intelligence work in symbiosis to unlock value creation at all levels of your organization. With PICC Software, your peo...Read more about PICC Software

4.86 (14 reviews)

Rencore Governance

Rencore helps to automate Microsoft 365 Governance for mid-market and large enterprises among all industries worldwide. Rencore Governance maximizes flexibility and efficiency in governance for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Shar...Read more about Rencore Governance

4.71 (14 reviews)


At ComplySci, we believe advanced compliance technology empowers compliance professionals to transform their business. More than 7,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions, rely on ComplySci’s sc...Read more about ComplySci

4.57 (14 reviews)

KYC Portal

KYC PORTAL is a fully configurable Client Lifecycle Management solution that provides a single, centralized, secure repository with fully customizable parameters, fields, rules, and user rights. The platform ensures that all data ...Read more about KYC Portal

4.64 (14 reviews)

Cookie Consent Management

Cookie consent is the permission granted by users to the website for letting it activate its trackers and cookies, which are used in the processing of personal data. In the beginning, cookies were used to improve the user’s experi...Read more about Cookie Consent Management

4.86 (14 reviews)


Sift is a machine learning-based fraud detection platform that helps businesses secure mobile applications and websites from fraudulent activities. The application analyses real-time data to identify user identity, behavioral patt...Read more about Sift

4.50 (14 reviews)


AlternativeSoft is a financial risk management software designed to help allocators, consultants, fund managers, and third-party fund marketers create portfolios and manage asset selection processes. Administrators can import fund...Read more about AlternativeSoft

4.57 (14 reviews)


SanerNow is an endpoint security solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to threat detection, compliance management and more. Its vulnerability management platform lets users automate operations, conduct d...Read more about SanerNow

4.50 (14 reviews)


GOAT Risk. The pain free way to manage risk - so you can get on with managing your business. GOAT Risk is a simple, flexible, low cost risk management software solution packed with all the tools you need to manage risk effectivel...Read more about GOAT Risk

4.62 (13 reviews)

FileHandler Enterprise

FileHandler Enterprise is a claims administration software designed to help public entities, third-party administrators and self-insured organizations streamline workflow automation and risk management. Key features include case m...Read more about FileHandler Enterprise

4.77 (13 reviews)

HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA should be simple. That's why Compliancy Group is the only HIPAA software with expert Compliance Coaches holding your hand to simplify compliance. Built by auditors, Compliancy Group gives you confidence in your compliance pl...Read more about HIPAA Compliance Software

4.85 (13 reviews)


Vanta is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to the preparation of service organization control (SOC) 2 audit reports. It enables organizations to manage customer data ba...Read more about Vanta

4.92 (13 reviews)

BC in the Cloud

BC in the Cloud helps businesses perform impact analysis to calculate data outage costs on-premise and in the cloud. It assists organizations with security and compliance management, performance optimization and budgeting. Teams ...Read more about BC in the Cloud

4.62 (13 reviews)

Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a cloud-based solution, designed to help businesses of all sizes aggregate, save and synchronize users consent across multiple channels. Features include multiple formats support, vendor config...Read more about Consent Management Platform

4.54 (13 reviews)


Actio is a business management solution, which assists organizations with risk mitigation, action tracking, strategic planning and budgeting, among other processes. Professionals can schedule meetings, manage key performance indi...Read more about Actio

4.23 (13 reviews)


CallCabinet is a leading cloud-based call recording solution, offering innovative compliance, QA and CX features for UC and remote work environments. CallCabinet is an award-winning, Azure-native and compliance-first solution, pr...Read more about CallCabinet

4.62 (13 reviews)

ERA EH&S Software

ERA EH&S is a suite supporting environment, health and safety (EHS) management. It is primarily designed for general manufacturing and the oil and gas industries. The product has a reporting library that has the capability to...Read more about ERA EH&S Software

4.83 (12 reviews)


Standard Fusion is a cloud-based compliance management solution that is designed for industries such as healthcare, technology, manufacturing, government and retail. Key features include control management, control monitoring and ...Read more about StandardFusion

4.92 (12 reviews)

Merlin Project

Merlin Project is a project management (PM) solution natively written for macOS and iOS. It caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. The key features include work breakdown (gantt chart, netplan and more), kanb...Read more about Merlin Project

4.67 (12 reviews)

RSA Archer Suite

RSA Archer Suite is a risk management solution that provides solutions in sectors such as business resiliency, operational and enterprise risk management, audit management, public sector, security and IT risk management, third-par...Read more about RSA Archer Suite

4.17 (12 reviews)

Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger is a network of connected organisations, working together to improve security and reduce risk in the supply chain. It provides help and support to suppliers to put controls in place that keeps their organisation safe a...Read more about Risk Ledger

4.75 (12 reviews)


A scalable Project Programme Portfolio Management Tool which enables effective decision making. A single version of truth which offers real time reporting & risk management. Record & monitor risks, actions, interventions & depende...Read more about Execview

4.25 (12 reviews)

Audit Prodigy

Audit Prodigy is a cloud-based audit planning platform that provides solutions for challenging businesses and compliance requirements. Designed by a team of global business leaders, the platform caters mid-to-multinational sized c...Read more about Audit Prodigy

4.67 (12 reviews)

Sierra QMS

Sierra QMS is a highly configurable and customizable quality management system (QMS) built specifically for healthcare and life sciences industry. It leverages agile technology and automation capabilities to ease the burdens of re...Read more about Sierra QMS

4.92 (12 reviews)


For organizations operating security programs who need to demonstrate compliance to security standards internally and externally, Ostendio MyVCM is an Integrated Risk Management Platform that Makes it easier to build, operate and ...Read more about MyVCM

4.55 (11 reviews)

Emex EHS & ESG Software

Our industry-leading end-to-end solutions for ESG and EHS data reporting is designed to help businesses translate their ambitions into action, providing the tools you need to make tangible progress and achieve profitability whilst...Read more about Emex EHS & ESG Software

4.73 (11 reviews)


OneTrust is a whistleblowing solution designed to help HR, ethics and legal teams manage code of conduct and compliance programs on a unified interface. The platform allows informants to anonymously report unethical or illegal inc...Read more about OneTrust

4.18 (11 reviews)

SysKit Point

SysKit Point is a cloud-based compliance management software that assists organizations with governance, analysis, and auditing of Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive. Administrators can delega...Read more about SysKit Point

4.91 (11 reviews)


Evalu-8 his a cloud-based employee management tool for companies of all sizes. Evalu-8 offers various main modules such as human resources, training, health and safety, performance and more. The human resource function provides...Read more about Evalu-8

4.73 (11 reviews)


FUGU’s unique ability to monitor and analyze risk signals over time covers a variety of fraud patterns including stolen identities, account takeovers, and friendly fraud, securing recurring payments and new delayed payment models ...Read more about FUGU

4.91 (11 reviews)


Auditrunner is an on-prem and cloud-based low-code platform that assists businesses with creating complex applications to automate and digitize business processes for compliance, risk management, auditing, and quality management. ...Read more about Auditrunner

4.60 (10 reviews)


Lexcomply Offers a complete eGRC Suite range of products to customers across the globe. Our core product is Compliance Management Solutions and currently, we are serving more than 200 enterprises PAN India. It provides a built-in ...Read more about LexComply

4.90 (10 reviews)


LogPoint provides a quick analysis of your enterprise data to help businesses securely detect and respond to threats with real-time application of correlation rules. LogPoint enables organizations to identify advanced threats and...Read more about LogPoint

4.90 (10 reviews)


StrategyWorks is a cloud-based strategy management solution which links both agile and traditional waterfall delivery to your strategic objectives. It provides a single, live view of all delivery across the organisation and show...Read more about StrategyWorks

4.80 (10 reviews)


iManSys is an EHS management solution that helps small to large businesses streamline operations related to employee training, succession planning, accident reporting, auditing, and more on a centralized platform. The document man...Read more about iManSys

4.10 (10 reviews)

Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP is a data loss prevention solution designed to help organizations protect critical data and meet security regulations. It provides advanced detection capabilities to help identify, manage, and remediate risks, inclu...Read more about Forcepoint DLP

4.70 (10 reviews)

FotoWare DAM

The FotoWare DAM enables organizations of all sizes to store their important files like images, videos, and documents in one central system. With our solution, everyone can find, share, and reuse these files much more efficiently....Read more about FotoWare DAM

4.60 (10 reviews)

ManageEngine Log360

Log360 is a SIEM or security analytics solution that helps you combat threats on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It also helps organizations adhere to compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and more. ...Read more about ManageEngine Log360

4.60 (10 reviews)


SmartSolve is an enterprise-class quality management software for automating quality, supplier, regulatory, and risk management. With SmartSolve, organizations are empowered with best-practice workflows, document and process mana...Read more about SmartSolve

4.11 (9 reviews)


GDPR365 is a compliance management solution that helps small to midsize businesses assign tasks, monitor progress and share documents, among other operations on a centralized platform. The data mapping tools let users generate flo...Read more about PrivIQ

5.00 (9 reviews)

Sapience Vue

Sapience Vue is a data analytics platform that helps businesses generate reports to gain insights into operations across employee productivity, project management, and business compliance, among other processes. The enterprise ris...Read more about Sapience Vue

4.11 (9 reviews)

BPI System

The BPI System CAPA Software is the key to meeting these challenges and creating highly efficient and responsive business processes. CAPA is a type of management discipline that integrates people, content, and enterprise applicati...Read more about BPI System

4.67 (9 reviews)

Corporater Business Management Platform

Corporater Business Management Platform can digitally model the customer’s business management system to provide a holistic, central point of governance, management, and assurance of the corporation’s performance, risk, and compli...Read more about Corporater Business Management Platform

4.67 (9 reviews)


MyDocSafe is a content management suite that includes electronic signatures, workflow automation, document management, payment setup and client portals. The solution helps users create and send proposal letters, electronically sig...Read more about MyDocSafe

3.67 (9 reviews)


AdaptiveGRC is built as a centralized system that provides additional efficiencies and financial benefits to gather feedback and refine compliance controls and governance factors effectively. Organizations can identify effective a...Read more about AdaptiveGRC

5.00 (9 reviews)


QIMAone is a quality management solution that helps businesses handle suppliers, inventories, supply chain operations and more. The application enables auditors to conduct quality inspections, analyze business risks and generate c...Read more about QIMAone

4.22 (9 reviews)


Finding out the probabilities of staying within budget or needing a contingency on your next project can be difficult to calculate. Armed with that information, users could take the guesswork out of big decisions. With @RISK, thes...Read more about @RISK

4.67 (9 reviews)


SailPoint is an identity management solution that helps organizations manage employee permissions, digital identities, information security, data access, compliance and more on a unified portal. The platform enables organizations ...Read more about SailPoint

4.22 (9 reviews)

Portnox CLEAR

Portnox Clear is a network access control solution that helps businesses in banking, defense, biotech, engineering, healthcare, legal services and other industries monitor endpoint risks, detect compromised devices, and automate r...Read more about Portnox CLEAR

4.11 (9 reviews)


Camms.Risk is a best-practice, cloud-based risk management solution. The solution provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance and encompasses risk management, compliance management, incident rep...Read more about Camms.Risk

4.63 (8 reviews)


Backed by more than 100 years of combined information security expertise, SecurityStudio offers solutions to secure information for your organization, your employees, your vendors and yourself. Modern products for risk, compliance...Read more about S2Vendor

4.88 (8 reviews)


Convercent is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps small businesses to large enterprises manage corporate ethics via analytics, reports, and data-based predictions. It includes various modules to help manage cas...Read more about Convercent

4.63 (8 reviews)

Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic by One Trust helps organizations of all sizes manage compliance across operations and departments. Tugboat Logic will give you access to a holistic process for growing and maintaining a security program. With the s...Read more about Tugboat Logic

4.63 (8 reviews)


Automate compliance in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace with Tricent - a tool that helps you audit and cleanup externally shared files and Teams. Problem: Most businesses have no way of knowing if critical or personal informati...Read more about Tricent

5.00 (8 reviews)


For service-based professionals of many disciplines, UnitusTI© is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, encrypted data collection system ready to automate you today. Use UnitusTI in your autism therapy center, yoga center, occupational the...Read more about UnitusTI

5.00 (8 reviews)

Decision Time Risks

Decision Time Risks is a cloud-based solution designed to help small to large organizations manage and evaluate risks across departments. Key features include data visualization, configuration management, categorization and report...Read more about Decision Time Risks

5.00 (7 reviews)


ARMATURE Fabric is an integrated risk management solution that enables organizations to manage risk, quality, compliance, and performance. The software includes quality and supplier management modules that come with features such ...Read more about ARMATURE

4.14 (7 reviews)


InPhase is a cloud-based business management solution that offers enterprise reporting and analytics. It is used by businesses of all sizes across sectors such as finance, housing and health care. The solution supports integr...Read more about InPhase

5.00 (7 reviews)


K2View Data Product Platform democratized data access in the enterprise. It continually syncs, transforms, and serves data via data products – delivering a real-time, holistic view of any business entity – customer, order, device...Read more about K2View

4.86 (7 reviews)


Sealit solutions provide end-to-end encryption giving full data management to its users with email and file protection. Seamlessly implemented with communication & collaboration tools that you already use. Best for small businesse...Read more about Sealit

5.00 (7 reviews)

Pro-Sapien EHS Software on Office 365

Pro-Sapien is the EHS Software on Microsoft 365. Part of the apps you use everyday, Pro-Sapien lets everyone spend less time on admin, and more time on things that matter. There’s no new app to go to and no new logins to rememb...Read more about Pro-Sapien EHS Software on Office 365

5.00 (6 reviews)

EQS Integrity Line

EQS Integrity Line is a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software designed to help businesses of all sizes anonymously report incidents and manage cases. Administrators can filter cases based on a status or country, extract m...Read more about EQS Integrity Line

4.83 (6 reviews)

WHS Monitor

WHS Monitor provides an interactive and fully scalable WHS solution and integrates all aspects of incident reporting, risk management, contractor compliance, asset maintenance and chemical management into a complete workplace heal...Read more about WHS Monitor

4.50 (6 reviews)


SecurityScorecard is a security ratings platform that enables enterprises to instantly rate, understand and continuously monitor the security risk of any company worldwide, non-intrusively and from an outside-in perspective. We ...Read more about SecurityScorecard

4.33 (6 reviews)

SAS Anti-Money Laundering

SAS Anti-Money Laundering helps organizations detect, investigate and mitigate the risk of money laundering. Combining analytics-driven investigation and simplified business insight in a single solution, SAS AML enables you to ide...Read more about SAS Anti-Money Laundering

4.83 (6 reviews)


SAFE Safety Management is a cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) software solution offered by ASK-EHS. It is suitable for businesses of any size that need to manage one or more environmental safety aspects. Reporti...Read more about HID SAFE

4.50 (6 reviews)

Nethone Guard

Nethone provides an advanced SaaS fraud detection and prevention solution backed up by machine learning (ML) models. Our primary product, Nethone Guard, includes our proprietary 'Know Your Users (KYU)' profiling technology that al...Read more about Nethone Guard

5.00 (6 reviews)


Predict360 is a flagship software solution of 360factors. It is a Risk and Compliance management platform augmented with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology to predict and mitigate operational risks while streamlining regula...Read more about Predict360

4.60 (5 reviews)


The Policy Management Cloud solution from DocTract is purpose-built to manage the entire life-cycle of Policies and Procedures for any organization and for any size. Automate each step in the Policy Management process including d...Read more about DocTract

5.00 (5 reviews)


RiskWatch is a risk management and compliance solution provider, offering user-friendly platforms that focus on physical security, cyber security, compliance, and third-party assessments. Utilize automated functions to perform ass...Read more about RiskWatch

4.40 (5 reviews)

Active Risk Manager

Active Risk Manager is a suite of enterprise risk management applications, deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, which enables medium to large businesses to identify, analyze and mitigate significant risks across the organiz...Read more about Active Risk Manager

4.60 (5 reviews)


CAREweb is a high-end and comprehensive GRC suite crafted for organizations that aim to achieve the highest possible competitive advantage in their respective industries. It includes 4 main systems. CAREweb for Enterprise Risk...Read more about CAREweb

3.80 (5 reviews)


Protecht.ERM helps businesses dynamically manage all risks in a single platform, including risks related to compliance, health and safety, internal audit, incidents and KRIs. It helps automate the manual and time-consuming process...Read more about Protecht.ERM

4.60 (5 reviews)


Onna is a platform for real-time search across multiple repositories that aids in eDiscovery and finding high-value items across legal departments. It offers collaboration, document sharing, reporting, compliance management and ke...Read more about Onna

4.60 (5 reviews)

Salute Safety

Salute is a comprehensive solution for safety leaders managing increasingly complex risk with limited resources. Their cloud-based EHS platform was designed so that everyone within an organization can easily access what they nee...Read more about Salute Safety

5.00 (5 reviews)


caralegal is a data protection management software that guides companies through the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers fully automated synchronization, intelligent legal security, expert know...Read more about caralegal

5.00 (5 reviews)

Mission Control

Mission Control is a leading Project Management and PSA Solution that allows you to connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and Gantt charts, organize work your way...Read more about Mission Control

4.80 (5 reviews)

Northstar Risk and Performance Analysis Platform

Northstar Risk and Performance Analysis Platform helps hedge funds achieve greater transparency, balance sheet management and risk reporting capabilities. With real-time visibility into trading positions and daily P&L fluctuations...Read more about Northstar Risk and Performance Analysis Platform

5.00 (5 reviews)


enVisual360 is a wealth management/CRM software solution that helps small to large enterprises monitor client and entity information. enVisual can be implemented as a cloud application or on-premise application. enVisual includes...Read more about enVisual360

4.80 (5 reviews)

Beyond DLP

Due to increased risk and HIPAA regulation demands for DLP and file tracking, PharmScript, provider of long-term care pharmacy services to healthcare facilities across 10 states was required to implement a regulatory compliant dat...Read more about Beyond DLP

4.80 (5 reviews)

Matrix Requirements

Spend your time building Medical Devices, not on paperwork! Matrix Requirements is helping medical device companies to easily and efficiently manage their design and quality system. Our products make your ...Read more about Matrix Requirements

4.60 (5 reviews)


Risk In Deep was conceived to bring together a series of services (Common Service Engine, typical of a Security Governance model based on the PDCA cycle - Plan Do Check Act) to the compliance activities required by the various sta...Read more about RISKINDEEP

4.80 (5 reviews)


Scytale aims to save fast-moving tech startups hundred of hours by automating their SOC 2 and IS0 27001 readiness process and enables teams to manage compliance workflows all within the tool. Scytale makes compliance simple throug...Read more about Scytale

5.00 (5 reviews)


ComplyAssistant offers Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software and service solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes. We help clients manage compliance activities for various healthcare regulations (e.g. HIPAA, HI...Read more about ComplyAssistant

5.00 (5 reviews)


Aperitisoft software has the ability to provide qualitative or quantitative risk assessments to support the decision making process of a business. Features include survey tools, a Monte Carlo Simulation engine, multiple category ...Read more about Aperitisoft

5.00 (4 reviews)


Xcellerator is a Windows-based spreadsheet management platform designed to help financial services providers and other corporate businesses analyze spreadsheets for possible errors and risks using Microsoft Excel integration. Key...Read more about Xcellerator

4.75 (4 reviews)


VAIL-Plant is a fully certified asset performance management solution designed for oil & gas, power and petrochemical industry, which facilitates inspection and maintenance management cycles by using RBI, RCM, SIL and FMECA approa...Read more about VAIL-PLANT

4.00 (4 reviews)


ZEBSOFT is a cloud-based governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solution designed to help businesses streamline processes related to auditing, equipment maintenance, version control, team communication and more. Enterpr...Read more about ZEBSOFT

5.00 (4 reviews)

Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO)

CMO COMPLIANCE is health, safety and environment (HSE) management solution that allows businesses to manage compliances and automate communication across business units. The solution is offered by UK-based CMO Software, which...Read more about Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO)

5.00 (4 reviews)

Cyanic HSE

Cyanic HSE is cloud-based health, safety and environment (HSE) solution that helps organizations automate business processes and ensure safety and compliance. This product enables users to digitally recreate their paper forms and ...Read more about Cyanic HSE

4.88 (4 reviews)


Spirion is a compliance platform that helps businesses automate processes for data discovery, classification and protection, ensuring conformity with CCPA, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS and other industry regulations. With a data pr...Read more about Spirion

4.25 (4 reviews)


RemoteComply is a cloud-based emergency notification suite that enables businesses to manage operational risks during an emergency. RemoteNotify module comes with a notification system, which allows businesses to send emails, SMSs...Read more about RemoteComply

4.75 (4 reviews)


heyData is a GDPRaaS solution empowering small to midsize businesses to become GDPR compliant. It aims to support businesses by giving understandable and transparent data protection advice through offering customized industry solu...Read more about heyData

5.00 (4 reviews)


Feedzai is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses identify, remediate and prevent financial frauds using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities. Professionals can use the dashboard to estab...Read more about Feedzai

4.50 (4 reviews)

Ventiv IRM

Ventiv IRM is an Integrated risk management software platform that can provide the insights you need to monitor and lower your Total Cost of Risk (TCoR). Make informed decisions with real-time analytics by integrating multiple dat...Read more about Ventiv IRM

3.75 (4 reviews)


Scoreplan is a simple and complete web system that helps managers and companies to achieve strategic objectives through the management of the entire Strategic and Financial Planning and its consequences including indicators, KRs, ...Read more about Scoreplan

4.75 (4 reviews)

SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Customer Data Cloud enhances customer experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. Unify all customer data sources, respect data privacy, and activate rich insights in real time to exceed customer expectations a...Read more about SAP Customer Data Cloud

4.13 (4 reviews)

Compliance Genie

The Compliance Genie – The Health and Safety Risk Assessment App Designed to Keep Your Business Secure, Compliant and Safe Does completing risk assessments feel like a chore? Do you find as an employer you are chasing your staff ...Read more about Compliance Genie

4.75 (4 reviews)

Crownpeak Digital Experience Platform

Crownpeak?provides a SaaS-based digital experience platform with best-in-breed capabilities that empower companies to deliver omnichannel digital experiences – faster and easier than ever. Crownpeak’s?platform provides Hybrid He...Read more about Crownpeak Digital Experience Platform

4.50 (4 reviews)


JESI provides monitoring tools to preview missed check-in alerts, approve or deny risk assessments, and receive incident alert notifications. Once a user initiates an incident, the system notifies multiple emergency contacts. The ...Read more about JESI

3.75 (4 reviews)


The platform allows individuals to find crucial data with a single search to display relevant activity within context. Business managers can proactively discover, classify, and manage risk with data loss prevention (DLP) built for...Read more about Aware

3.50 (4 reviews)


Our ethical data exchange platform is one of the world's leadning collaborative platforms for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store, share, manage and report on ethical supply chain information quickly and easily. Sedex is use...Read more about Sedex

4.50 (4 reviews)


Accountable is a cloud-based compliance and risk management software designed for healthcare practices of all sizes. It helps users manage HIPAA compliance, policies and procedures, HIPAA training, risk assessment and business ass...Read more about Accountable

4.67 (3 reviews)

MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management

MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management is a cloud-based solution that provides an integrated framework to assess, document, control, audit and address risks and exposures within organizations. The unified system provides the flex...Read more about MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management

4.00 (3 reviews)

Pims Risk Management

PIMS Risk Management is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses of all sizes manage project schedules, costs, risk and HSE impact. The platform allows users to retrieve risks, edit or add them with limited instructions. PIMS Risk...Read more about Pims Risk Management

4.67 (3 reviews)


DocuQual is a web-based supplier prequalification software designed to help businesses maintain supplier compliance according to specific hiring client requirements by collecting documents such as master services agreements (MSAs)...Read more about CanQualify

4.67 (3 reviews)


Designed specifically for financial institutions such as banks and lenders, Ondato provides identity verification and authentication tools, as well as compliance management features. The cloud-based platform is based on the KYC (K...Read more about Ondato

4.67 (3 reviews)


SaferMe is an online risk mitigation and safety management solution that offers location-aware and real-time risk reporting tools to ensure employee safety. The tool helps organizations engage with employees in the workplace and m...Read more about SaferMe

4.33 (3 reviews)


Stay compliant with the OIG, JCAHO, and CMS directives for ongoing monitoring with access to multiple exclusion, sanction, licensing, and credentialing organization databases. A range of service options from Do-It-Yourself to full...Read more about SanctionCheck

5.00 (3 reviews)


BPAQuality365 is an integrated app for quality, risk and compliance powered by Microsoft Office 365. The app is compliant with ISO 9001, 13485 (medical) and FDA regulations (CFR 21/11) to meet continual improvement of products and...Read more about BPAQuality365

4.67 (3 reviews)

Projektron BCS

The web-based project management software Projektron BCS supports you during the whole project lifecycle: effective planning and implementation of projects, the coordination as well as the evaluation after the successful project c...Read more about Projektron BCS

4.67 (3 reviews)

Vector LiveSafe

Vector LiveSafe provides organizations with a mass communications system and emergency notification platform. The software allows them to relay routine and emergency notifications to employees. It helps companies enhance workplace...Read more about Vector LiveSafe

4.67 (3 reviews)


Secureframe is the leading security compliance automation platform that makes getting SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliant fast and easy. Then, Secureframe continuously collects audit evidence, runs security training, mo...Read more about Secureframe

5.00 (3 reviews)

Intelligent Intake App

IIA combines a mobile/desktop app with our proprietary conversation management software to empower workforces with the means to quickly report potential violations. Thanks to machine learning and subject matter expertise, IIA's in...Read more about Intelligent Intake App

4.67 (3 reviews)


i-Vertix is a cloud-based solution for IT infrastructure management. The software offers tools such as IT network management, log & data management and IT asset management. The software helps companies gain a full view of their ...Read more about i-Vertix

5.00 (3 reviews)


Vision Pro Software is a fully customisable and versatile cloud-based platform that allows businesses to manage all their statutory risk compliance responsibilities. Vision Pro works innovatively and intuitively, allowing you to...Read more about Vision

4.67 (3 reviews)


Intigriti is a cybersecurity platform that enables businesses to channel a community of ethical hackers to test their websites and applications for vulnerabilities. By publishing a bug bounty program or Vulnerability Disclosure...Read more about Intigriti

4.67 (3 reviews)

CODA Footprint

CODA Footprint is a SaaS attack surface reduction and vulnerability as well as risk management platform that optimizes both discovery and evaluation of active software vulnerabilities. The CODA Footprint platform offers a compreh...Read more about CODA Footprint

5.00 (3 reviews)


Persona is an identity verification management solution for businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises who need help managing the balance between customer acquisition and fraud. This solution allows users to securely co...Read more about Persona

4.67 (3 reviews)


CloudWize helps CISOs, VP R&Ds, SREs, DevSecOps, and DevOps utilize a unique investigation tool to detect and fix cloud issues in minutes instead of days and weeks. There's no need to write code or learn a new language because of ...Read more about CloudWize

4.33 (3 reviews)

AuditBrain Internal

AuditBrain Internal helps organizations to manage internal audits, risk assessment and controls, it adapts to compliance audits, quality management audits, operational audits, reducing training hours and increasing productivity an...Read more about AuditBrain Internal

5.00 (3 reviews)


DoubleCheck is a cloud-based audit management solution designed for large businesses across multiple industries. It offers tools for audit planning, work paper, evidence management, report generation and issue resolution. Dou...Read more about DoubleCheck

4.50 (2 reviews)

Opture Risk Management

Opture is a cloud-based risk management solution that helps businesses across various industries tool handle different steps in a risk management routine that includes risk identification, assessment, analysis, steering, reporting...Read more about Opture Risk Management

5.00 (2 reviews)


CURA is a web-based risk management solution that helps businesses handle risk and compliance leveraging a set of internal controls. CURA Software's suite offers solutions to manage enterprise risks, project risks, incidents, busi...Read more about CURA

5.00 (2 reviews)

Isora GRC

The easier way to conduct GRC assessments. Isora GRC enables the assessment lifecycle making it easier for you to ensure regulatory compliance and cyber resilience across your organization. Conduct assessments across distinct ta...Read more about Isora GRC

5.00 (2 reviews)

Digital River

Digital River is a leading back end commerce solution for accepting payments, fighting fraud, and managing global tax and compliance challenges. As the merchant of record for our clients’ stores, we shoulder the financial and lega...Read more about Digital River

2.50 (2 reviews)

Access Rights Manager

Access Rights Manager is a Windows-based access management tool that assists network security teams with directory monitoring and custom reporting. It is primarily designed to scan file servers, provide role specific templates on ...Read more about Access Rights Manager

4.50 (2 reviews)

Pervidi Inspection

Pervidi is a facilities management solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, including healthcare, education, transportation, oil and gas, service providers and more, to automate processes related to ...Read more about Pervidi Inspection

4.50 (2 reviews)


Plan, orchestrate, and track requirements for complex systems across multiple project lifecycles with a reduced licence of Polarion ALM for your needs. Polarion REQUIREMENTS is an on-premise requirements management software, whic...Read more about Polarion REQUIREMENTS

2.00 (2 reviews)


EthicsPoint by NAVEX is a cloud-based solution, which assists risk and compliance teams with incident management and reporting. Key features include forms management, issue tracking, policy management, and compliance reporting. T...Read more about EthicsPoint

2.50 (2 reviews)


AU10TIX is a cloud-based identity management solution that helps organizations in financial services, marketplaces, telecommunication, and other verticals handle identity verification processes. The software assists businesses wit...Read more about AU10TIX

5.00 (2 reviews)


RESPONSUM is a security management software accelerating privacy and GDPR compliance by helping automate workflows. It is a SaaS solution, which lets administrators utilize a drag-and-drop UI to manage business processes. Users ca...Read more about RESPONSUM

4.00 (2 reviews)


TrustLayer is a collaborative risk management solution that helps reduce friction between businesses. Companies can automate the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance documents of their business partners (i.e., vendo...Read more about TrustLayer

5.00 (2 reviews)


UniCourt is a leader in making court data more accessible and useful with our Legal Data as a Service. We provide real-time API access to court data to Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw firms for business development and intelligenc...Read more about UniCourt

3.00 (2 reviews)

Cloud Concinnity

Cloud Concinnity is a cloud-based solution, which helps small to large healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations manage clinical trial oversight, control processes and ensures risk mitigation. Features include collaboration, rea...Read more about Cloud Concinnity

4.50 (2 reviews)

Risk Radar

Risk Radar Enterprise (RRE) is a web-based solution, designed to help organizations across manufacturing, government, education, healthcare and various other sectors identify, manage, track, report and mitigate risks. Features inc...Read more about Risk Radar

5.00 (2 reviews)

D&B Credit

D&B Credit is a cloud-based risk management solution designed to help businesses analyze credit applications and identify growth opportunities using predictive analytics. The platform enables organizations to establish custom rule...Read more about D&B Credit

5.00 (2 reviews)

Opsware Data

Opsware is the no-code data privacy platform for modern enterprises. Save you and your privacy team time. Avoid waiting on engineering teams to help implement automation tools across your privacy program. Opsware is a no-code pla...Read more about Opsware Data

5.00 (2 reviews)

Hook Security

Hook Security understands how important it is to reduce the risk of security threats to your company, all while creating a positive and productive company culture. They provide phishing testing and security awareness training tha...Read more about Hook Security

5.00 (2 reviews)


ControlMap is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to auditing, risk management, policy tracking, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff...Read more about ControlMap

5.00 (2 reviews)


Onfido helps businesses to build identity verification around their unique needs with an end-to-end, AI powered identity verification solution. We partner with 800+ businesses to seamlessly onboard customers at scale while stoppi...Read more about Onfido

5.00 (2 reviews)


Simplify your Workplace Health, Safety & Compliance with Australia and New Zealand's leading integrated software solution. Lucidity sets your business up to reach its full potential. Providing easy access to the data your teams ...Read more about Lucidity

5.00 (2 reviews)


Comcore is a CTRM (commodity trading and risk management) solution that helps small to large businesses streamline processes related to Value-at-Risk (VaR) analysis, freight cost calculation, credit risk monitoring, and more on a ...Read more about Comcore

4.00 (2 reviews)


Symbiant is a unique, simple to use yet very powerful Internal audit / risk issue, recommendation, controls or action tracking solution. Its central feature is the ability to link any kind of report, analysis or investigation this...Read more about Symbiant

5.00 (2 reviews)


Fatigue360 is a full scheduling tool that allows resourcing teams to pick workers qualified for a particular job role and roster them. The internationally recognised Health and Safety Executive Fatigue and Risk index is embedded ...Read more about Fatigue360

5.00 (2 reviews)


Lendflow is an embedding lending infrastructure for software companies to build, enhance or embed financial products within their product suite. Lendflow utilizes user-friendly code in order to minimize downtime, operational comp...Read more about Lendflow

5.00 (2 reviews)

Formica Fraud

Formica Fraud is an all-in-one platform helping you protect your customers and employees from fraudulent activities. You can encourage your team to make data-driven decisions while analyzing millions of risky fraud cases. By ana...Read more about Formica Fraud

5.00 (2 reviews)


Does your risk and compliance intelligence come from pages and pages of paper-based reports? How much time do you spend manually creating or combing through spreadsheets and PDF’s from 3rd party vendors? If this is your organizati...Read more about Clearity

5.00 (2 reviews)


CLUE#ZO is a cloud-based multilingual whistleblower system. This digital solution is GDPR compliant and fulfills the requirement of a low-threshold reception in being secure and anonymous for partners or internal employees. Compan...Read more about CLUE#ZO

5.00 (2 reviews)

Optial SmartStart

Optial SmartStart is a cloud-based governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution. It serves businesses of all sizes in industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail. Primary features include compliance managemen...Read more about Optial SmartStart

5.00 (1 reviews)

Synergi Life

Synergi Life is a risk and environment, health and safety (EHS) management information system by DNV GL. It is a cloud-based solution consisting of individual modules for incident management, activity management, risk management, ...Read more about Synergi Life

5.00 (1 reviews)

IntelligenceBank GRC

IntelligenceBank is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that helps businesses to streamline marketing processes. The solution gives users a way to control, centralize, create and distribute brand assets in the cl...Read more about IntelligenceBank GRC

5.00 (1 reviews)

IBM OpenPages with Watson

IBM OpenPages with Watson is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage compliance and risk requirements. The solution provides functional components including compliance, policy, operational risk, financial ...Read more about IBM OpenPages with Watson

4.00 (1 reviews)


Quantivate is a web-based solution, which assists banks, credit unions, insurance, manufacturing and retail businesses with risk assessment and compliance management. Key features include data sharing, vulnerability scanning, KPI ...Read more about Quantivate

5.00 (1 reviews)

Active Compliance Monitor

ComplyWorks is a web-based solution designed to help small to large organizations manage the entire compliance lifecycle and mitigate risks. Key features include incident management, status tracking, audit trail, asset monitoring,...Read more about Active Compliance Monitor

4.00 (1 reviews)


HIPAAtrek is a cloud-based compliance management platform designed to help small to large healthcare organizations create and maintain HIPAA programs. Key features include risk assessment, automated gap analysis, version control a...Read more about HIPAAtrek

5.00 (1 reviews)


NAVEX ESG is a cloud-based Environmental, Social and Governance platform with which you can manage multiple sustainability efforts, including conflict minerals management, environmental sustainability management and responsible su...Read more about NAVEX ESG

4.00 (1 reviews)

InterLink QMS Platform

The InterLink platform is a web-based quality management system designed specifically for the administration of the API Spec Q1-9th Edition standard. It can be used by organizations of any size in the oil and gas industry. This so...Read more about InterLink QMS Platform

5.00 (1 reviews)

IntelligenceBank Boards

IntelligenceBank is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that helps businesses to streamline marketing processes. The solution gives users a way to control, centralize, create and distribute brand assets in the cl...Read more about IntelligenceBank Boards

5.00 (1 reviews)

The OptimalCloud

The OptimalCloud is an identity and access management solution designed to help enterprises handle access to various applications using single sign-on (SSO) authentication technology. The platform includes audit trails, which enab...Read more about The OptimalCloud

4.00 (1 reviews)

Pentana Audit

Pentana is audit management software from Ideagen, suitable for businesses of all sizes and all industries. The program leverages risk and control frameworks to help companies perform internal audits. Compliance management, e...Read more about Pentana Audit

5.00 (1 reviews)

Allegro Horizon

Allegro is a commodity management solution designed to help businesses in oil, gas, chemical manufacturing, utilities and other industries handle operations related to trading, procurement and compliance management. The platform e...Read more about Allegro Horizon

2.00 (1 reviews)


EnterpriseInsight is a SaaS platform, which helps users manage business risks. With a pre-built business risk framework, it overcomes the complexities thrown by ERM-GRC platforms. The interface is equipped with reporting features ...Read more about EnterpriseInsight

4.00 (1 reviews)

Diligent Entities

Diligent Entities helps enterprises integrate their commercial data and simplifies operations to achieve compliance goals. The solution improves business efficiency and supervises internal work groups for better information manage...Read more about Diligent Entities

4.00 (1 reviews)

Smart IP&O

Smart IP&O is a cloud-based and on-premise solution that lets businesses manage processes related to inventory planning, demand forecasting, supply chain management and more. Hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, it le...Read more about Smart IP&O

4.00 (1 reviews)

Digital Agent

Digital Agent is a marketing solution that helps financial institutions manage content across websites and engage with clients in compliance with regulatory standards. Administrators can set up single or multi-stage workflow appro...Read more about Digital Agent

4.00 (1 reviews)

OmniStar Ethics

OmniStar Ethics is a compliance management solution that helps government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and public/private research facilities maintain ethical compliance across governance processes....Read more about OmniStar Ethics

3.00 (1 reviews)

Compliance Tracking Software

Intelex offers cloud-based Compliance Management Software that helps businesses manage compliance and risk. The software helps users to manage compliance tasks, risks, training, audits and permits, and also features document ...Read more about Compliance Tracking Software

5.00 (1 reviews)


CRISAM is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses identify potential corporate risks, secure confidential data and ensure regulatory compliance across processes. Professionals can conduct impact assessments and store informat...Read more about CRISAM

5.00 (1 reviews)


condignum is a SaaS solution, which enables businesses to manage compliance, risks and security requirements from within a unified platform. Supervisors can add widgets and track the status of iterations using a centralized dashbo...Read more about condignum

5.00 (1 reviews)

RISK Tool For Safety

RISK Tool For Safety is a bilingual solution that allows businesses in cosmetics, drugs, chemical packaging, healthcare, environmental, product security, and fraud risk analysis industry segments, automate risk analysis and assess...Read more about RISK Tool For Safety

5.00 (1 reviews)


Ontic is a risk management and physical security solution that provides protective intelligence, allowing businesses to manage and investigate physical threats against employees, customers and assets. It is SaaS software that enab...Read more about Ontic

5.00 (1 reviews)


ShieldRisk is a vendor audit and risk assessment tool to streamline business partnership and purchase decisions. It uses AI to assess multiple sources of business risk information with in-depth analysis and accurate profiling. Int...Read more about ShieldRisk

5.00 (1 reviews)


The system affords organizations tools to quickly develop or introduce complex risk analysis and reporting frameworks to improve workstyle reforms. STREAM centralizes regulation-related information and streamlines collaboration pr...Read more about STREAM

5.00 (1 reviews)


MyComplianceManagement (MyCM) is a case management platform for handling compliance and misconduct issues aggregated from multiple sources such as the hotline reports taken by ComplianceLine’s intake experts, from web forms or pho...Read more about MyCM

3.00 (1 reviews)


Enactia is a governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) suite of solutions, which enables businesses to manage compliance, data breach, incidents, tasks and risks using assessments. Professionals can store investigation rep...Read more about Enactia

5.00 (1 reviews)


Sinequa is a cloud-based enterprise search platform, which helps large organizations across healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government sectors discover and collect relevant information and insights from a variety of sources...Read more about Sinequa

4.00 (1 reviews)


ERFcheck is a bank reconciliation software that reconciles large volumes of information from balance sheets and transactions. The software offers an automated bank reconciliation process meaning that the management and finance co...Read more about ERFcheck

3.00 (1 reviews)


GlobalSuite is a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software designed to help businesses identify, assess, analyze and manage risks. The platform enables managers to protect privacy data, manage audits, and ensure compliance on...Read more about GlobalSuite

5.00 (1 reviews)


The European and Italian legislation in the field of privacy and processing of personal data requires the adaptation of each organization with specific control and security tools of computerized systems. System administrators are ...Read more about GAAS

4.00 (1 reviews)

Scale Document AI

Scale Document AI is a data extraction tool that helps financial services, logistics, and healthcare businesses with automating data extraction and document annotation. The main features of Scale Document AI include automated docu...Read more about Scale Document AI

5.00 (1 reviews)


Cookiebot CMP offers effortless cookie compliance to the major data privacy laws. Our solution scans your website to detect all cookies, trackers, and trojan horses, then automatically block them until users have given their con...Read more about Cookiebot

5.00 (1 reviews)


The software allows companies to mitigate risks and safeguard their data from a breach through continuous monitoring. It has real-time centralized visibility, where managers can view who has access to what information. It enables ...Read more about ZertID

5.00 (1 reviews)


The Alyne platform for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) provides intuitive, AI-enabled capabilities to dynamic enterprises across the globe. Mitratech’s GRC platform enables organizations of all sizes to transform their GRC p...Read more about Alyne

5.00 (1 reviews)

AKARION Compliance Cloud

AKARION offers a compliance cloud solution that can be easily implemented and integrated into existing IT infrastructure. The cloud solution allows users to control access to sensitive information and business critical data from ...Read more about AKARION Compliance Cloud

5.00 (1 reviews)


Evotix is a global ESG technology company transforming the way employees engage in workplace health and safety. Its market leading solution, Assure, is used by more than 400 customers across a wide range of industries including m...Read more about Assure

5.00 (1 reviews)

Reciprocity ROAR

The Reciprocity® ROAR Platform, which underpins our advanced enterprise-wide risk management solutions, gives you the ability to see, understand and take action on your IT & cyber risks. With a unified, real-time view of risk and...Read more about Reciprocity ROAR

5.00 (1 reviews)

Cookie Information

Cookie Information is a consent management platform (CMP) that enables online businesses to comply with local and global privacy regulations. Features of this solution include a cookie banner, compliance dashboard to monitor risk ...Read more about Cookie Information

5.00 (1 reviews)

Expense Audit

AppZen Expense Audit continues to provide the leading, prepayment expense audit solution for finance teams using any T&E platform. Built from the start with artificial intelligence specifically designed for finance, its mature, do...Read more about Expense Audit

4.00 (1 reviews)


Conviso is a Static Application Security Testing tool that helps businesses secure application development pipelines via vulnerability scanning, automated testing, and more. This platform is designed for businesses in finance, eCo...Read more about Conviso

4.00 (1 reviews)


Riskonnect is a cloud-based risk management solution that provides an integrated platform for compliance management, business continuity management, enterprise risk management and audit management. Riskonnect’s risk managemen...Read more about Riskonnect

No reviews yet

Enablon Risk Management

Enablon is a cloud-based environment, health and safety (EHS) management solution that helps organizations track the use of natural resources. Enablon allows users to create action plans and ensure proper follow-ups with bui...Read more about Enablon Risk Management

No reviews yet


Since 2017 Cyberwrite enables corporations world-wide to easily measure, benchmark, and analyze their financial damage exposure to vendors on an ongoing basis and manage both the inherent and residual risk of vendors. The platform...Read more about Cyberwrite

No reviews yet


NS8 is a fraud prevention platform that helps businesses of all sizes ensure secure financial transactions and optimize processing of orders via monitoring, behaviour analytics and real-time scoring. The platform enables organizat...Read more about NS8

No reviews yet


VComply is a risk management solution that offers policy compliance, workflow management, data security, and more. VComply provides risk identification and assessment capabilities for crucial information, and it allows users ...Read more about VComply

No reviews yet


WeControl is an ultimate GDPR privacy management platform that was built with simplicity in mind and covers all use cases that any company would need, not only to become compliant but also to prove its GDPR compliance as well. The...Read more about WeControl

No reviews yet

Diligent Compliance

Diligent Compliance is a risk management solution designed to help organizations maintain regulatory compliance across internal and external processes to improve business continuity. Professionals can upload relevant corporate pol...Read more about Diligent Compliance

No reviews yet


Cloudlines is a cloud-based, next-generation GRC system, which assists organizations with risk, audit and compliance management. The system is simple and intuitive for all staff members, manages and automates processes and provide...Read more about Cloudlines

No reviews yet

CQRM XD Quality Management

eQCM XD is a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution that helps businesses in the life sciences, transportation, financial services and other industries ensure organizational compliance with various regulatory guidelines su...Read more about CQRM XD Quality Management

No reviews yet

Identity GRC Platform

Brainwave Identity GRC is a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software designed to help businesses monitor and gain an overview of IT assets on a centralized platform. Administrators can create an inventory of the organization...Read more about Identity GRC Platform

No reviews yet

Clear GRC

ClearGRC is a customized platform that encompasses activities such as corporate governance, risk management & compliance conforming. We serve organizations looking to manage regulatory & compliance requirements by providing holist...Read more about Clear GRC

No reviews yet


Classify360 is a data management platform for information security, data management, governance, and privacy enterprise teams in highly regulated, data-heavy industries. A holistic data management platform that enhances the value...Read more about Classify360

No reviews yet

PYX4 Risk

PYX4 Risk is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations detect operational risks and identify business opportunities on a unified platform. It offers a variety of features including auditing, compliance management, collaborat...Read more about PYX4 Risk

No reviews yet


ThreatMark is the future of trust in the digital world. The company was founded with a vision of bringing trust to interactions across all digital channels through profound cybersecurity know-how and the latest advancements in AI ...Read more about ThreatMark

No reviews yet


Vendor360 is a risk management solution designed to help businesses manage vendor selection, evaluation and onboarding processes. The application allows administrators to analyze vendors through pre-defined or custom-built questio...Read more about Vendor360

No reviews yet


Aravo is a cloud-based supplier management solution that caters to industries such as automotive, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life sciences. Key features include workflow builder, supplier portal, form builder and re...Read more about Aravo

No reviews yet

Commodity XL

Commodity XL is a web-based CTRM software designed to help businesses in commodity trading and energy sectors optimize position management and end-to-end commodity value chain. Key features include accounting management, financial...Read more about Commodity XL

No reviews yet

Enviance EHS

Enviance is a cloud-based environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS) solution that enables businesses of all sizes to manage and track compliance requirements, employee well-being, emission inventory and more. Features...Read more about Enviance EHS

No reviews yet

iRely i21

iRely’s commitment to customer success has made the company a global leader in digital transformation, providing best-in-class software for commodity management, petroleum distribution, retail, grain operations, and agribusinesses...Read more about iRely i21

No reviews yet


BlueOptima is a cloud-based IT project management solution that helps small to large enterprises manage the entire software development lifecycle using objective metrics. The centralized platform provides an Actual Coding Effort (...Read more about BlueOptima

No reviews yet


Agility GDPR by BusinessPort is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps users automate compliance tasks. Key features include a performance dashboard, record management, data mapping, visual maps and document manag...Read more about AgilityGDPR

No reviews yet


HETIKUS Boards & Committees is a fully customizable platform designed to change the way you manage your organization's governance. It allows you to automate the creation of boards or committees in order to make sure each of them f...Read more about Hetikus

No reviews yet


policyIQ is a cloud-based content and document management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes store various kinds of documents to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). The platform enables users to track mult...Read more about policyIQ

No reviews yet


Smartcrypt is a data encryption solution that helps businesses manage data protection operations for both structured and unstructured data from within a centralized platform. It lets staff members utilize the compression functiona...Read more about Smartcrypt

No reviews yet


ClickCompliance is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large enterprises in financial, construction and other industries maintain compliance across business processes. Users can send policy documents to stakeholders or empl...Read more about ClickCompliance

No reviews yet

Aspect CTRM

AspectCTRM is a cloud-based commodity and risk management solution, which helps small to large enterprises across metal, oil and gas, agriculture and various other industries handle multi-commodity trade, risk and operations. ...Read more about Aspect CTRM

No reviews yet


RiskRate by Navex Global is a third-party risk management and compliance solution that monitors vendor due diligence. The system helps users conduct third-party background checks and offers risk management program with centralized...Read more about RiskRate

No reviews yet


EnGlobe is a corporate compliance solution suitable for midsize and large businesses in a variety of industries. On-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. Key features include management tools for business contracts, a...Read more about EnGlobe

No reviews yet

Fusion CTRM

Fusion CTRM is a risk management software, which helps businesses of all sizes in oil, agriculture, LNG and other industries analyze assay exchanges, manage enterprise risks and handle logistic processes. The solution allows admin...Read more about Fusion CTRM

No reviews yet

Fastpath Assure

Fastpath Assure is a cloud-based audit solution that helps businesses to analyze segregation of duties, as well as manage transactions and user access in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics,...Read more about Fastpath Assure

No reviews yet

Vault Platform

Vault Platform is a whistleblowing solution designed to help legal, compliance and HR professionals record, report and resolve unethical acts across workplaces. The GDPR solution enables employees to anonymously submit a report in...Read more about Vault Platform

No reviews yet


BIC GRC enables you to digitalize your GRC processes – professionally, sustainably and cost-effectively. Depending on your business model, you can choose from an out-of-the-box, ready-to-use solution or an individually tailored BI...Read more about BIC GRC

No reviews yet


WatchKeeper is a critical event management platform for managing physical security threats at scale. It enables organisations to monitor natural disasters, violent incidents and public health emergencies, alongside their own ass...Read more about WatchKeeper

No reviews yet

Namcook Analytics

Software Risk Master is an online tool that easily and rapidly predicts likelihood of encountering software project risks, total project cost, performance and quality metrics. The tool is optimized for projects that are planned bu...Read more about Namcook Analytics

No reviews yet


Take control of your website security with Reflectiz. Our proprietary website security sandbox creates a complete digital application inventory in minutes — the first of its kind. This inventory displays all the external applicati...Read more about Reflectiz

No reviews yet


Transcend is a cloud-based data privacy and compliance management solution, which helps organizations streamline access or erasure requests and consent changes across every data system. The platform automates identity verificat...Read more about Transcend

No reviews yet


NEMESIS is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data analysis platform, which enables businesses in financial services, healthcare, insurance and other industries to visualize data. Professionals can monitor billing inaccuracie...Read more about NEMESIS

No reviews yet

Qostodian Recon

CISOs and auditors demand faster tools to find sensitive data and eliminate the unacceptable amount of false positives they receive with current technology. Qostodian Recon helps security teams find and secure data, even in the ...Read more about Qostodian Recon

No reviews yet

roXtra Risk Management

Comprehensive, digital risk monitoring: Identify and analyze risks at an early stage, monitor them in accordance with standards, and create and link appropriate measures....Read more about roXtra Risk Management

No reviews yet


Hurdle is a cloud-based risk management solution that helps organizations manage risks across projects, enterprises, and health, safety and environment (HSE) protocols. The platform includes an interactive dashboard, which allows ...Read more about Hurdle

No reviews yet


Veracode is a static application security testing (SAST) solution that helps businesses manage security risk across the application building pipeline. It enables software developers to monitor source codes to identify vulnerabilit...Read more about Veracode

No reviews yet

BaseCap Analytics

BaseCap Analytics offers an automated solution for data quality management, data issues remediation, and data validation BaseCap Analytics manages every stage of data quality management process from identification, analysis to re...Read more about BaseCap Analytics

No reviews yet

EQS Insider Manager

EQS Insider Manager solution helps businesses manage and report information on their insider lists and persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMRs) in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). It allows orga...Read more about EQS Insider Manager

No reviews yet

ISO Certified Quality Management System

Konsolute’s system means that all metadata is held and made available in your Microsoft 365 tenancy, this means your data can be uploaded, verified and stored without leaving the platform. Who contributes and shares your data is ...Read more about ISO Certified Quality Management System

No reviews yet

HOPEX Platform

The HOPEX platform helps companies of any size to tackle IT, data, risk, and governance challenges. Companies can pick one use case or multiple. The beauty of this platform is that the repository all connects, meaning you can u...Read more about HOPEX Platform

No reviews yet

Risk and Safety Solutions

RSS Safety Platform is a cloud-based suite of EHS solutions that help businesses manage and streamline safety and compliance tasks/processes across the organization. Each solution comes with built-in analytics and reporting framew...Read more about Risk and Safety Solutions

No reviews yet


XLRISK, developed by Vose Software and distributed by Addinsoft, is a powerful and simple tool that allows you to build, audit and precisely test your risk models to enable you to make better decisions. XLRISK is integrated with M...Read more about XLRISK

No reviews yet


zScan helps mobile app developers identify reputation and financial risks by automatically identifying privacy, security and compliance risks in the development process before apps are released to the public. While traditional cod...Read more about zScan

No reviews yet

3E Protect

3E Protect is a health and safety management solution that helps businesses across healthcare, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries manage associated safety data sheets (SDS) to reduce incidents across departments. T...Read more about 3E Protect

No reviews yet

ComplianceLine LMS

ComplianceLine LMS is a training system in which our clients can select the training courses they want and integrate them their own LMS or using ours. Select courses from our library of interactive instructional videos. Use custom...Read more about ComplianceLine LMS

No reviews yet

GemEx Engine

The GemEx Engine® is an enterprise-grade digital Workplace Experience Platform utilising digital twin technology with configurable alarms and alerts. GemEx connects IT, IoT and 3rd party data then applies them to a building’s dig...Read more about GemEx Engine

No reviews yet


PerimeterX is a suite of application protection solutions designed to protect online businesses from automated attacks and client-side threats. The platform offers three solutions, including Bot Defender, Code Defender, and Page D...Read more about PerimeterX

No reviews yet

Atomicorp OSSEC

Atomic Enterprise OSSEC is a cloud-based website security solution that prevents cyber attacks and ensures network compliance for any cloud, container, or server environment. The system comes with log management features, which al...Read more about Atomicorp OSSEC

No reviews yet


Corizance is a risk management platform that uses AI and built-in analytics to help businesses combat business risks and prevent unwanted disruptions. It provides combined features, such as assessments and auditing, for connected ...Read more about Corizance

No reviews yet

Hyarchis Data Integrity

Hyarchis Data Integrity assures the prevention of data breaches and ensures the proper accumulation of all documents in a file. It also enables managers to automatically cross-check relevant data touchpoints and verify proper case...Read more about Hyarchis Data Integrity

No reviews yet


amberSearch is an enterprise search engine that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), deep learning and computer vision technology to help employees view and search company information using a unified portal. It allows organiz...Read more about amberSearch

No reviews yet

Origami Risk for Risk Management

Origami Risk unifies insurable and non-insurable risks in a connected technology ecosystem. With a highly-configurable, integrated SaaS platform for risk management, compliance, insurance, and safety, Origami Risk provides risk, s...Read more about Origami Risk for Risk Management

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iMitig8 Risk Global

iMitig8 Risk Global is an interactive project database designed for risk management in the property and construction insurance industry. It is designed to ensure efficient and easy communication between insurance businesses, broke...Read more about iMitig8 Risk Global

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Strike Graph

Strike Graph is a compliance SAAS solution simplifying security certifications such as SOC 2 Type I/II or ISO 27001. Cybersecurity certifications dramatically improve revenue for B2B companies. Our platform empowers companies to ...Read more about Strike Graph

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Kraken is a GRC management system that's easy to set up and use. Employees throughout the organization can stay on the right track, with visibility and accountability from team supervisors through the C-Suite. You have the flexib...Read more about Kraken

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C2P enables companies to keep track of proposed changes worldwide before they happen, simplifying the product compliance process. The software features dashboards showing progress, heatmaps covering the impact of changed regulatio...Read more about C2P

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Core Impact

Core Impact is a powerful penetration testing tool that not only saves time through centralization and standardization, but also through its automation and ease of use. Those newer to pen testing benefit from the step-by-step Rapi...Read more about Core Impact

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Last year’s disruptions opened everyone’s eyes to potential risks and threats to their supply chain and business relationships: COVID, SolarWinds, China tech and trade wars, regulatory compliance, ESG-based ethics in resourcing an...Read more about Interos

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isorobot helps your organization perform better by effectively managing people, process, technology, asset, and capital. The futuristic enterprise system with scalable and modular structure includes relevant business domains inclu...Read more about ISOROBOT

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Limit the risks and reduce accidents in the workplace. Your business sector, your sites, your audiences, and your processes are unique. Cikaba helps you to prevent risks, whatever your business needs are, by proposing customized s...Read more about Cikaba

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ForensicCloud is a cloud-based financial fraud detection solution, which enables banks and businesses in the financial services industry to manage, monitor and score risks. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant p...Read more about ForensicCloud

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Everysk is an analysis platform that enables financial institutions to perform stress testing, risk attribution, factor modeling and other advanced analyses on their portfolios. Using the application, managers can generate reports...Read more about Everysk

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6clicks offers a complete GRC system, powered by AI and with fully-integrated content revolutionises the way organizations mature their cybersecurity, data privacy, risk management and compliance capabilities. With a suite of modu...Read more about 6clicks

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SurePact’s cloud-based solution is the hub for business efficiencies related to your project, contract, and grant delivery workflows and lifecycle through to asset realization. The software provides enterprise-wide insights that h...Read more about SurePact

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The risk assessment process has historically been paper-based which creates barriers, confusion, inconsistency, and bureaucracy. Peregrine Risk Management has simplified this complex process through an innovative pre-travel risk a...Read more about Foresight

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The ethical sourcing function offers users of Cm3 multiple options to request information or obtain a supplier's practice confirmation. Businesses may use questionnaires to identify if a supplier's sourcing practices present any m...Read more about Cm3

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Imperium is a platform which helps C-suites and corporate boards understand the key operational risks facing their businesses. It surfaces data from within the business to support robust, data-driven risk decision-making, while en...Read more about Imperium

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Process safety and functional safety is more than just hardware, software, testing & metrics. Taking a holistic approach & instilling a culture of safety requires a complete end-to-end system that can manage from Initial Hazard A...Read more about SLM

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Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management by Riskpro India is an enterprise risk management software designed to help businesses assess and segment cybersecurity risks from a variety of third parties, such as customers, vendors, counterparties,...Read more about Third Party Risk Management

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s2Org is a software specifically created to perform overall security program assessments. It helps users evaluate the risks that vendors pose and are faced with and comes up with a strategy using the data from the risk assessment ...Read more about S2Org

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S2Team is a software specifically made to provide companies and teams tools to perform security assessments. Using just one platform, users can view all reports and risks on the overall dashboard and make sure that all team member...Read more about S2Team

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Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from email...Read more about Socure

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Seeker, our interactive application security testing (IAST) solution, gives you unparalleled visibility into your web application security position and identifies vulnerability trends against compliance standards. Seeker performs ...Read more about Seeker

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Altova GDPR Compliance Database

The Altova GDPR Compliance Database helps organizations meet the documentation requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The solution offers a centralized, organized approach to documenting your organizatio...Read more about Altova GDPR Compliance Database

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Cetbix Information Security Management System

Cetbix Information Security Management System is a solution to develop an ISMS based on industry standards (ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR, NFC, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FERPA). This platform also offers asset risk management, cyber threat tracking...Read more about Cetbix Information Security Management System

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DefendX Control

DefendX Control is a cloud-based solution that enables you to monitor, control and protect your organization's file assets. DefendX Control supports the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition through storage to retirement, with...Read more about DefendX Control

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PrivacyPerfect is an established Dutch legal-tech organisation that provides an easy-to-use and secure SaaS solution for GDPR compliance. The PrivacyPerfect solution was developed for Data Protection and Privacy Officers, to simpl...Read more about PrivacyPerfect

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BitSight is transforming the way that the global marketplace addresses cyber risk with cybersecurity ratings and analytics. The BitSight Security Ratings Platform applies sophisticated algorithms, producing daily security ratings ...Read more about BitSight

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FortMesa can transform an MSP into a cybersecurity powerhouse. By delivering cybersecurity programs based on industry standards (NIST, ISO, SOC2, CIS, CMMC, Fedramp, CJIS, and more) MSPs take command of their customers cyber needs...Read more about FortMesa

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esChecker, your MAST automation companion Reduce the time wasted to qualify your Mobile Application Protections thanks to MAST automation (SAST static tests and DAST dynamic tests). The slow, manual days of pentesting mobile appli...Read more about esChecker

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Brady CRisk

Volatile markets and stressed supply chains negatively impact earnings potential. Maintaining healthy cash flows demands intraday credit exposure analysis, real-time exposure reporting and a holistic view of liquidity across the b...Read more about Brady CRisk

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BioT is an user-friendly cloud-based platform for pharma companies and medical device manufacturers, specifically designed to connect between patients, medical devices and caregivers to ensure a seamless care management. BioT prov...Read more about BioT

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Defendocs is a GDPR compliance solution designed to help small and midsize businesses protect data and store documents in a centralized repository. Defendocs' mission is to take the stress out of GDPR projects: stay compliant and...Read more about Defendocs

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Flexicompliance is a flexible and user-friendly solution offering a full package from structure chart up to UBO and document storage. It has an integrated screening tool with risk assessment automation, reporting capacity, a remin...Read more about Flexicompliance

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MindBridge is a financial risk management platform designed to help enterprises, government organizations, financial institutions and audit or advisory firms strengthen compliance, discover fraud and anomalies, improve audit effec...Read more about MindBridge

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Adzapier manages and maintains Cookie Consent with one simple, easy set up. It covers consents globally with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and the IAB TCF 2.0 compliance framework. No code is required, simply add a basic JavaScript tag to the...Read more about Adzapier

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Policy Pack

Each data protection and privacy policy required by your organisation Every business must have privacy policies. It used to be time-consuming and costly. This issue has been resolved by Seers. Maintain compliance with the requir...Read more about Policy Pack

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Application AI

Application AI is a fraud prevention and risk management solution, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that helps financial services organizations detect potential fraud scenarios in real-time by analyzing the data provided b...Read more about Application AI

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Account AI

Designed for small to large financial businesses, Account AI is a risk management tool that leverages the power of global networks and unique fraud analytics to examine patterns and anomalies across the entire customer lifecycle. ...Read more about Account AI

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Breach Management

The Seers Breach Management Platform manages data breaches, automates operations, tracks compliance, and notifies individuals per data privacy regulations. Understand if the affected data contains personally identifiable informa...Read more about Breach Management

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WP GDPR Fix is a wordpress plugin with which users can become GDPR compliant faster and easier. This tool provides users with the following: * Compliance on 7 Key GDPR Requirements. * Just plug it in and set it up in less than 3...Read more about WP GDPR Fix

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Attivio is a knowledge management software that helps customers find answers to various questions by using AI-powered search and natural language processing. It is a comprehensive search platform that can interpret user questions ...Read more about Attivio

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GDPR Audit

GDPR Audit & Evaluation With our SAAS technology, organizations can become GDPR compliant by using our GDPR Audit tool to evaluate all procedures and systems. Consent is one of the GDPR's six legal pillars for processing persona...Read more about GDPR Audit

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Subject Request Management

SRM: Data Subject Access Requests and other Rights Article 15 of the GDPR defines DSAR as the right to get confirmation from the controller that they are processing personal data of the person making the request and access to tha...Read more about Subject Request Management

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Data Protection Impact Assessment

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a method for identifying and minimizing a project's data security risks. For processing that is anticipated to pose a high risk to individuals, you must conduct a DPIA. This encompasse...Read more about Data Protection Impact Assessment

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Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate is a climate intelligence SaaS platform that provides a simple and efficient way for organizations to understand their climate risks and opportunities, produce TCFD-aligned disclosures and increase their resilienc...Read more about Manifest Climate

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Enterprise Erase

Enterprise Erase by Ziperase helps organizations erase large volumes of highly sensitive data from laptops, desktops, and servers, adhering to compliance and data privacy regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR, all while serving facili...Read more about Enterprise Erase

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Clockspring is an Enterprise Automation Platform that provides a fast and flexible no-code integration capability to connect systems together to share and analyze data in hours instead of weeks. Using a Visio-like interface, Cloc...Read more about Clockspring

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Caveonix Cloud

Caveonix Cloud is a risk management platform compatible with IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google Cloud, VMware and more. ...Read more about Caveonix Cloud

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AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter

AdminDroid is a full-fledged reporting tool that reports on all major Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams, PowerBI (Audit), and more. The product provides 1500+ reports with AI-powere...Read more about AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter

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eSecurity Dashboard

eSecurity Dashboard is an incident management platform that helps businesses with tracking, managing, and investigating incidents and cases. The main features of eSecurity Dashboard include compliance management, interaction track...Read more about eSecurity Dashboard

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Trava is a cybersecurity solution, which enables investors, managed service providers and businesses to identify threats, secure financial assets and assess risks. Trava's automated assessments let organizations can scan technic...Read more about Trava

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GetSecured is a comprehensive security scanning solution, which helps businesses find breached data, exposed servers, web app/AWS cloud vulnerabilities, and compliance issues. This platform can be easily understood by a non-tech...Read more about GetSecured

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ActiveNav is a data governance and compliance management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to data mapping, migration, classification, privacy management, and more from within a unified platform. It enabl...Read more about ActiveNav

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BSI Connect Plus

BSI Connect Plus is a cloud-based audit management solution that supports companies with managing all their audits, findings and actions. The software helps users manage action items, utilize voice to text functionality, receive u...Read more about BSI Connect Plus

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BSI Connect Custom

BSI Compliance Manager is a cloud-based compliance solution that helps users manage risk, conduct-gap analysis and collaborate with other employees. BSI Compliance Manager’s audit management feature helps compliance professio...Read more about BSI Connect Custom

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TechnoMile GRC Suite

TechnoMile’s GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance) Suite is purpose-built to help companies address the complex requirements of doing business with the government by streamlining and de-risking post-award processes. Our GRC Suite pro...Read more about TechnoMile GRC Suite

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Oracle IFRS and LDTI Solutions

Oracle IFRS and LDTI Solutions is an accounting and reporting management software designed to help businesses manage insurance contracts as per international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and evaluate risk and profitability...Read more about Oracle IFRS and LDTI Solutions

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Arctick is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large businesses streamline governance, risk and compliance management operations. Organizations can create and configure policies and assign responsibilities to team members. ...Read more about Arctick

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With the INDICA Data Management Platform users have a clear overview from one dashboard of all their data. Users can find any word in any document, file or image description by simply entering it in the search box. But INDICA ca...Read more about INDICA

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Nectarine Credit

Nectarine Credit has solved the recurring headaches of business owners and accountants that previously sent out PDF and Word credit applications. Those "paper" applications have been replaced by Nectarine Credit's digital credit...Read more about Nectarine Credit

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symplr Access

It is focused on the specific operational needs in healthcare. The suite of solutions is designed specifically to help meet the evolving and expanding challenges in healthcare while maintaining the highest standards. It helps b...Read more about symplr Access

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Rave Collaborate

Rave Collaborate is a tool designed for tactical incident collaboration during planned or unplanned events. Features of Rave Collaborate include checklists for task management, listing and allocation of situation-specific resourc...Read more about Rave Collaborate

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Founded in 2015, is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy, commodity, and financial services companies. cQuant is a cloud-native SaaS analytics company, providing robust solutions to meet today’s energy mar...Read more about cQuant

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ComplyCloud is a GDPR solution that merges compliance-as-a-software with the smartest lawyers specialized in GDPR, data, and IT security. ComplyCloud makes it possible for users to become and remain compliant with the GDPR in a...Read more about ComplyCloud

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Teams Manager

Teams Manager is an easy-to-use tool for Microsoft Teams governance and keeps control of your Teams infrastructure. Prevent uncontrolled growth with an automated approval workflow for new teams. Get a better overview in the teams ...Read more about Teams Manager

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Regology offers an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform to provide regulatory intelligence. Regology is a solution for regulatory intelligence, discovery, collaboration and compliance for global enterprises. The platform ...Read more about Regology

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External User Manager

External User Manager is an app for managing guest users in Microsoft Teams. One of two main features is an integrated, fully automated request process and approval workflow allowing users to invite new external guests. Team owner...Read more about External User Manager

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BEAT AdInspect

BEAT AdInspect is a marketing compliance review tool that enables businesses in the financial serices to minimize risks, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies for their compliance review processes. It helps users with submitting...Read more about BEAT AdInspect

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EncryptRIGHT simplifies application level data protection by abstracting data protection policies from application programming, while providing a complete separation of duties between information security and application programmi...Read more about EncryptRIGHT

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CaseGlide helps claims teams at insurance companies, corporations and TPAs align their defense attorneys around case strategies, expectations and desired case outcomes. Through a highly configurable litigation management solution,...Read more about CaseGlide

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Intrafox is a cloud-based and on-premise quality management solution, which enables healthcare facilities to streamline audit preparation, reporting, document control, project monitoring and other processes. Hospitals can use the ...Read more about Intrafox

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The Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Management Platform helps complex manufacturers meet their compliance and sustainability goals, by helping them to dive deep into their supply chain to collect reliable, accurate data for the...Read more about Assent

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IBM Security zSecure

IBM Security zSecure is a suite of products designed to simplify mainframe security administration, automate auditing processes, and enforce security policies to reduce risk. This solution supports IBM Z hardware, software, virtua...Read more about IBM Security zSecure

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Available for Salesforce org and Shopify datastore data stewards/data collectors/administrators, Forget-Me-Yes is a secure application facilitating organizational and individual data subject The solution offers Right-to-be-Forg...Read more about Forget-Me-Yes

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IBM Financial Crimes Insight

IBM Financial Crimes Insight is a financial fraud detection solution that helps businesses with fraud management, customer onboarding, due diligence review, and sanctions screening. The main features of IBM Financial Crimes Insigh...Read more about IBM Financial Crimes Insight

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Genasys is a cloud communication solution, which enables businesses to broadcast emergency messages, alerts and information in case of disasters, crises, civil unrest, epidemics, active shooters, and other events. Professionals ca...Read more about Genasys

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CTM360 is a digital risk protection platform that detects, manages, and responds to threats and vulnerabilities across the Surface, Deep & Dark web. Subscribers of the CTM360 platform get access to external attack surface manageme...Read more about CTM360

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FlinkISO is a quality management software is available on the cloud as well as on-premise. You can start using the QMS application on cloud edition with simple registration and get 45+ days of the trial period without having to p...Read more about FlinkISO

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VisiRule is a LowCode/NoCode visual authoring package which enables business users to build rule-based systems which replicate and automate their decision-making thought processes of human experts. VisiRule offers a simple and f...Read more about VisiRule

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FourCore ATTACk

FourCore ATTACK is a platform that automates the ever-evolving need to continuously test and evaluate the employed security controls by providing a scalable platform for launching realistic cyber-attacks on critical assets. By sim...Read more about FourCore ATTACk

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Auditor is a fully automated auditing platform that replaces slow and manual audits with faster and more accurate audits . Auditor supports mainly Web applications, services and social networks to assess their security status. Aud...Read more about Auditor

No reviews yet is an activity-based, business performance management software platform. Everyone in your organization will be accountable for the goals you set and each employee will have clearly-defined expectations through Indivi...Read more about

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Compliance Foresight

Compliance Foresight is a scalable GRC framework suitable for modern new age organisations. The solution is workflow enabled with ready to use modules and business logics implemented. Solution can manage the Audits, third parties ...Read more about Compliance Foresight

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HighGround offers a range of technology capabilities that allow IT and security managers to take control of their security experience. It allows them to have full visibility and control of their security posture and gives them the...Read more about HighGround

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Athena Systems

Athena Systems is a financial risk management system that extracts data from any technology, normalizes source data, checks for exposure rules, and presents the results in real-time - with embedded alerts too. It aggregates dispa...Read more about Athena Systems

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Leonardo247 is a single source of truth for property operations and maintenance solutions. The Leonardo247 platform is a powerful, end-to-end property operations and maintenance solution. With smart systems like workflow automati...Read more about Leonardo247

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Designed for small to large businesses in hospitality, marketing, accounting, education and other industries, DocHorizon is a cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR) platform that enables users to process documents easily....Read more about DocHorizon

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Citation Manage

Citation Manage provides a systemic approach to help companies manage federal, state, and international laws and regulations, reduce environmental impacts and management costs, and achieve corporate ESG and sustainability. Users ...Read more about Citation Manage

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