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Infoplus WMS is a web-based warehouse management software solution for small to midsize 3PLs, eCommerce Retailers, and Wholesalers focused on taking control of overall inventory, warehouse operations and shipping. Key featur...Read more about Infoplus

4.64 (28 reviews)

29 recommendations

Logistically TMS

Logistically is a cloud-based transportation management solution (TMS) designed for 3PLs, brokers and shippers of all sizes. Features include billing and invoicing, load management, order management, shipment management, routing, ...Read more about Logistically TMS

4.71 (14 reviews)

15 recommendations


Shipedge is a cloud-based warehouse management solution for small, midsize and large enterprises. It caters to e-commerce warehouses, fulfillment service providers, third-party logistics companies (3PL/4PL), omni/multi-channel ret...Read more about Shipedge

5.00 (1 reviews)

13 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

MyCarrier was formed, inspired, and driven by the shipping and logistics digital innovation possibilities. We aspire to be the ubiquitous platform that connects customers and carriers instantly and without barriers to fuel the fut...Read more about MyCarrierTMS

4.71 (96 reviews)

10 recommendations


FreightPOP is a cloud-based freight management solution that helps businesses manage the entire freight shipping lifecycle through invoicing, label printing and tracking of carriers in transit. Key features include warehouse manag...Read more about FreightPOP

4.52 (29 reviews)

10 recommendations


2Ship is a cloud-based transportation management solution designed for home offices, small businesses, enterprises and distribution centers for third-party logistics (3PL) firms. Features include import and export, bills of lading...Read more about 2Ship

No reviews yet

10 recommendations

ShippersEdge TMS

ShippersEdge is a cloud-based transportation management solution that manages shipping logistics. It helps users manage shipments, submit claims and handle multiple carriers. ShippersEdge helps companies save time and control...Read more about ShippersEdge TMS

5.00 (3 reviews)

7 recommendations


techSHIP is a cloud-based multi-courier shipping solution designed for third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and manufacturers to make shipping easy. With a scan of a barcode or a batch number, you can automatically process 1 or ...Read more about techSHIP

No reviews yet

6 recommendations

Logiwa WMS

FrontRunners 2022

Logiwa WMS is a cloud-based warehouse management and order fulfillment solution built on a .NET framework. The solution supports disparate warehousing processes, separate product groups and the needs of different sectors within a ...Read more about Logiwa WMS

4.55 (67 reviews)

5 recommendations


At ShipHawk, we’re dedicated to improving and automating the world behind the buy button for growing companies. The reality today is that independent businesses must deliver on expectations set by the mega-retail giants and they h...Read more about ShipHawk

No reviews yet

3 recommendations


FreightWise is a Logistics Service Provider offering a cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) and cost management for small to mid-sized U.S. companies, with a focus on LTL and Parcel shipping. FreightWise TMS software...Read more about FreightWise

No reviews yet

3 recommendations

Transfix TMS

Transfix TMS is a modern transportation management system (TMS) designed for small and midsize shippers. The solution helps manage full-truck-load (FTL) freight across any shipper’s carrier network. Transfix TMS allows shippers ...Read more about Transfix TMS

5.00 (2 reviews)

2 recommendations

Kuebix TMS

Kuebix, a Trimble Company, is a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) designed for shippers and carriers involved in both inbound and outbound logistics. The solution caters to a variety of carriers and modes of trans...Read more about Kuebix TMS

No reviews yet

2 recommendations


TOTALogistix has brought the efficiencies of a robust TMS to small and midsized shippers. TOTALogistix TOTALaccess TMS is a powerful proprietary shipping engine with a user-friendly interface; enabling employees even those withou...Read more about TOTALaccess TMS

4.64 (11 reviews)

1 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping and inventory management solution suitable for small to midsize e-commerce businesses. Key features include order management, label customization, integration with multiple seller channels, r...Read more about ShippingEasy


ECI Shoptech brings together industry-leading solutions E2 SHOP and JobBOSS to create the next evolution in job shop business management: JobBOSS². Designed specifically for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers, JobBOSS² is a...Read more about JobBOSS²

FrontRunners 2022 is a cloud-based parcel shipping solution designed for small to large businesses, online retailers, and multi-warehouse shippers. The application allows shippers to manage and automatically import order data from variou...Read more about


FrontRunners 2022

ShipStation is a multi-carrier, multi-channel shipping solution designed to expedite the shipping process for online retailers. Features such as batch shipping, discounted shipping rates, inventory and customer management, and cus...Read more about ShipStation


FrontRunners 2022

Ecommerce is complex. Shipping doesn’t have to be. Shippo connects you with the best rates at the most carriers using a solution integrated with your business and experienced support at every stage so you can grow into the future....Read more about Shippo


Freightview is a standalone transportation management system designed for small to midsize businesses that ship less-than-truckload (LTL) freight and work with multiple carriers or brokers. Their customers include manufacturers an...Read more about Freightview


Cin7 is a cloud-based retail management solution with e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale (POS) and reporting features. The solution combines the functions of inventory management, POS, third-party logistics (3PL) and ...Read more about Cin7

QuickBooks Commerce

FrontRunners 2022

QuickBooks Commerce is a powerful cloud-based inventory and order management software for modern online businesses. Seamless integration across all major e-commerce platforms ensures that product listings, orders, and data stay up...Read more about QuickBooks Commerce


FrontRunners 2022

ShipTime is a shipping software designed to help businesses compare and select freight carriers to send packages. The platform offers an address lookup tool, which enables managers to automatically detect ship-to locations in real...Read more about ShipTime

AscendTMS Logistics Software

FrontRunners 2022

AscendTMS is a cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Key features include load management, accounting, finance management, branch management and payment management functionalities...Read more about AscendTMS Logistics Software


Cin7 Orderhive is a cloud-based order management system designed for small, medium, and large retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. With Cin7 Orderhive, retail sellers can track their orders, inventory and shipments across a...Read more about Orderhive

XPS Ship

XPS Ship is a shipment management solution that helps small businesses streamline the entire shipping lifecycle, from tracking deliveries to calculate shipping costs. The application enables employees to offer discounts, verify s...Read more about XPS Ship

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions is a cloud-based distribution platform that helps businesses automate the entire lifecycle of electronic data interchange (EDI) through data backup, end-to-end integration and order processing. Key featu...Read more about TrueCommerce EDI Solutions


FrontRunners 2022

Easyship is a cloud-based solution that enables eCommerce businesses to streamline the entire shipping lifecycle, from getting quotes to fulfilling orders across multiple carriers such as FedEx, Singapore Post, DHL and more. It he...Read more about Easyship


FrontRunners 2022

ShipMonk is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed for startups, e-commerce businesses, subscription box companies and crowdfunding campaigns. Features include multi-channel management, warehouse management, kitting,...Read more about ShipMonk


Ecomdash is a cloud-based inventory management system that integrates standard inventory management features with order management and shipping management capabilities into one platform. It is designed for small to midsized online...Read more about ecomdash


Skubana powers order fulfillment, inventory operations, and business intelligence for brands and retailers looking to achieve a multichannel and/or multi-warehouse business model, with a focus on monitoring and growing profitabili...Read more about Skubana


ShipBob brings next-day and 2-day shipping and logistics to fast-growing e-commerce brands through distributed fulfillment centers, and their inventory management and order management software. With fulfillment centers in Los...Read more about ShipBob

3.78 (92 reviews)


Endicia is a shipping solution that helps businesses of all sizes streamline the processes related to order fulfillment including label printing, address validation, delivery and more. It allows users to choose suitable pricing ba...Read more about Endicia

3.70 (84 reviews)


Sendcloud is a shipping platform that helps e-commerce businesses streamline operations related to delivery tracking, checkout and order management. The centralized dashboard enables employees to print shipping labels in bulk, def...Read more about Sendcloud

4.37 (79 reviews)


Streamline Your Fulfillment Ordoro is an all-in-one platform that helps growing merchants run their online businesses. Ordoro helps growing merchants operate like large-scale corporations, but at a fraction of the cost! Optimiz...Read more about Ordoro

4.77 (73 reviews)


ECI M1 is a subscription-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, available on-premise or via the cloud, that automates financials, inventory, production, sales/quoting and production planning. The solution is suitable for...Read more about M1 ERP

3.69 (71 reviews)


DesktopShipper is a cloud-based and on-premise shipping solution designed to help small to large online retailers and eCommerce businesses collect, synchronize and process orders across multiple marketplaces. Features include real...Read more about DesktopShipper

4.60 (62 reviews)

Alpega TMS

Alpega TMS is a flexible and scalable cloud-based Transportation Management System delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Alpega TMS enables shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers to collaboratively manage and s...Read more about Alpega TMS

4.11 (61 reviews)


Shiptheory is a cloud-based shipping management platform that connects retailers with international carriers to automate shipping labels, manifests and tracking operations. It allows business owners to create and configure shippin...Read more about Shiptheory

4.81 (59 reviews)

SendPro Online

FrontRunners 2022

SendPro Online is a shipping platform that helps small businesses streamline shipment and delivery tracking operations. It enables employees to access discounted shipping rates from multiple shipping and courier services including...Read more about SendPro Online

4.50 (52 reviews)

Refund Retriever

Refund Retriever is a supply chain management software designed to help businesses detect shipment issues and apply for refunds. The platform enables managers to monitor FedEx and UPS deliveries on a unified interface. Administra...Read more about Refund Retriever

4.88 (52 reviews)


eHub is a shipping application programming interface (API) that helps businesses compare and find shipping rates between carrier providers across domestic and international shipments. We're a best fit for those who want to optim...Read more about eHub

4.69 (51 reviews)


Isendu helps businesses manage marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and other online stores via a unified portal. The platform enables marketers to create personalized emails using custom banners, fonts and logos to send promotional ...Read more about Isendu

4.86 (51 reviews)


SkuVault is a cloud-based warehouse management software designed for small and medium-sized omnichannel businesses with a focus in eCommerce. SkuVault features warehouse management applications that include multi-warehouse invento...Read more about SkuVault

4.59 (49 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

ShipRush is a cloud-based and on-premise multi-carrier shipping solution designed to help small to midsize eCommerce businesses manage order deliveries and notify shipment status to customers via email. Features include shipment h...Read more about ShipRush

4.71 (48 reviews)


Tive is a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights that help logistics professionals actively manage their in-transit shipments' location and condition. With Tive, shippers and logistics service providers (LS...Read more about Tive

4.54 (48 reviews)


1. Get information on order sources from different marketplaces, manual via excel upload or their own WMS 2. Real time status of orders in their shipping cycle from dispatch to delivery 3. In-depth sales data to analyze and trac...Read more about eShipz

4.53 (47 reviews)

Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain is a comprehensive logistics platform that adapts and scales to your needs, setting you up for success in an increasingly competitive market. Seamlessly exchange data in real-time and manage all your logistics...Read more about Magaya Supply Chain

4.39 (41 reviews)

Freight Club

FrontRunners 2022

Freight Club is a shipping management solution designed to help eCommerce and retail businesses quote, book, track and manage LTL shipments efficiently. Users have the flexibility to choose from over 30+ specialty carriers and com...Read more about Freight Club

4.45 (40 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Printful is a web to print solution that helps eCommerce businesses streamline operations related to on-demand printing, order fulfillment and shipping. It enables retailers and marketers to categorize products in online catalogs,...Read more about Printful

4.65 (40 reviews)

Process Shipper

EFI Process Shipper is a cloud-based shipping software designed to help businesses automate and streamline freight management processes. Professionals can track the status of shipments, access carrier information and improve cash ...Read more about Process Shipper

3.73 (37 reviews)

OnTime 360

OnTime 360 is a delivery management solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to dispatching, order tracking, scheduling, barcode scanning and more. It provides mobile applications for Android and iOS device...Read more about OnTime 360

4.28 (36 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Webgility Unify is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that helps businesses automate operations by connecting sales, accounting, shipping and inventory modules and centralizing financial data. Unify allows users to automatical...Read more about Webgility

3.36 (36 reviews)


SKULabs is a cloud-based inventory management and order fulfillment solution for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations. It helps e-commerce retailers and distributors manage their warehouse operations. SKULabs helps warehou...Read more about SKULabs

4.60 (35 reviews)


AfterShip is a shipment tracking solution for eCommerce businesses. It has a partnership with over 900+ courier services worldwide like UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, Blue Dart, TNT, China Post and more. Online retailers can connect the...Read more about AfterShip

4.38 (34 reviews)


ShipWorks is an on-premise shipping software for e-commerce companies, online retailers and warehouses of all sizes. Key features include import-shipping information, print labels, automated tasks and scheduling, workforce managem...Read more about ShipWorks

4.42 (33 reviews)


Qapla' is a SaaS-based shipment tracking solution that simplifies the management of all shipments for eCommerce operations. By connecting with different marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, Qapla' can monitoring all shipments acr...Read more about Qapla'

4.72 (32 reviews)


CargoWise is an integrated logistics execution platform that enables logistics service providers to run complex transactions for customs and cross-border compliance, international eCommerce, warehousing, landside logistics, freigh...Read more about CargoWise

2.88 (32 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Yakkyofy is an eCommerce platform, which assists businesses with sourcing, dropshipping, warehousing and order tracking, among other processes. Key features of Yakkyofy include payment processing, augmented reality, customizable...Read more about Yakkyofy

4.78 (32 reviews)

Logitude World

Logitude World is a logistics solution that enables businesses in the freight forwarding industry to streamline processes related to invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM), transport management, profit/loss analysis and...Read more about Logitude World

4.50 (28 reviews)

FedEx Ship Manager

FrontRunners 2022

FedEx Ship Manager is a Windows-based software designed to help businesses of all sizes automate various shipping operations including managing order information, payments, inventory, pickup/drop-off, costs and more. The platform ...Read more about FedEx Ship Manager

4.32 (28 reviews)


Detrack, which offers your first driver FREE - forever - is a powerful delivery management software that lets you track your vehicles live on a map and capture real-time electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) using just our iOS / An...Read more about Detrack

4.89 (28 reviews)


Urbantz is a powerful, easily configurable last mile delivery management platform for enterprises. Our happy customers include Bosch, Carrefour, FM Logistic, Siemens, Westwing, Home24, Postnord, Marley Spoon, England's National H...Read more about URBANTZ

4.22 (27 reviews)


BuyCo is a container shipping management software made for shippers, exporters and importers, who want to simplify their maritime transportation. This collaborative platform digitalizes and automates container shipping to help shi...Read more about BuyCo

4.46 (26 reviews)


GoFreight is a web-based freight forwarding solution designed to help freight forwarders & NVOCCs (OTIs) of all sizes manage transportation of goods via ocean, air and land routes. Key features include security filing, invoice pro...Read more about GoFreight

4.56 (25 reviews)


One Platform. Total Commerce Control. Linnworks is a leading commerce automation platform that works with the world’s major marketplaces and selling channels. Linnworks connects, manages and automates commerce operations, power...Read more about Linnworks

4.15 (24 reviews)


Multiorders is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Key features include order management, shipping label creation, inventory tracking and customer information tracking. The soluti...Read more about Multiorders

4.78 (23 reviews)

Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce is a cloud-based inventory management solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries such as computer software, apparel and fashion, consumer goods, business supplies, retail, and more. Ke...Read more about Solid Commerce

3.35 (23 reviews)


UROUTE is a TMS that is designed to strengthen the link between shippers and carriers. Offering a host of features in a scalable web-based environment, UROUTE can be implemented at mid-sized companies within a week or ...Read more about UROUTE

4.66 (22 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

ShipperHQ optimizes the checkout experience for many eCommerce platforms. This solution helps merchants of all sizes customize the shipping experience on their website to their own unique products and customers. It includes featur...Read more about ShipperHQ

4.77 (22 reviews)


Designed for small to large retail businesses, Shipfusion is a cloud-based inventory management solution that helps manage various processes such as warehousing, shipping, billing and more. The platform allows retailers to streaml...Read more about Shipfusion

4.65 (20 reviews)


Cario is a freight management solution, which enables businesses to streamline shipping, multi-carrier dispatch and delivery tracking among other processes to improve order fulfillment. Customer service teams can provide estimated...Read more about Cario

4.89 (19 reviews)


Designed for small to large businesses in food production, logistics, fishery and other industries, CLCircular is a real-time monitoring system that helps businesses avoid problems and losses related to the transportation of peris...Read more about CLCircular

4.26 (19 reviews)


Transcount is a cloud-based freight and logistics management solution designed for the needs of small logistics providers and freight forwarders. Key features include document management, fleet management, order management, quotat...Read more about Transcount

4.17 (18 reviews)

Digital Waybill

Digital Waybill is an on-premise and web-based courier platform that helps improve and streamline delivery and dispatch operations. Designed for small to large enterprises, it enables businesses to automate real-time processes, re...Read more about Digital Waybill

4.83 (18 reviews)

FenixCommerce IDP

FenixCommerce's Intelligent Delivery Platform (IDP) provides last-mile fulfillment optimization both pre- and post-purchase for eCommerce retailers and DTC brands. IDP works by using real-time product, inventory, customer, and car...Read more about FenixCommerce IDP

4.89 (18 reviews)

Packlink PRO

Packlink PRO enables optimization of the full shipping process. From importing orders, printing shipping labels, picking and packing orders, companies can automate every step in the shipping process. Main features include custom w...Read more about Packlink PRO

4.31 (16 reviews)


Shipwell is a tech-enabled, fully connected logistics ecosystem designed for shippers and 3PLs looking to reduce operational costs. This cloud-based platform uses real-time data and machine learning to reduce waste and friction, d...Read more about Shipwell

4.38 (16 reviews)

SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System

SmartTurn is an inventory and warehouse management solution that helps third-party logistics providers, wholesale distributors and businesses in the retail, eCommerce and other industries streamline processes related to purchasing...Read more about SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System

4.40 (15 reviews)


Shippingbo is the 1st logistics solution entirely dedicated to e-commerce performance. Easily connectable to more than 70 sales sources, Shippingbo is the ultimate SaaS software for processing e-commerce orders. Combining Order Ma...Read more about Shippingbo

4.67 (15 reviews)


Shipwire is a cloud-based shipping and order fulfilment software designed to help businesses handle sales orders and manage inventory on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain and overview of the order s...Read more about Shipwire

1.33 (15 reviews)


Pacejet is a cloud-based shipping management solution that helps midsize to large businesses in wholesale, manufacturing and retail industries. The centralized platform enables users to manage all operations related to freight, pa...Read more about Pacejet

4.21 (14 reviews)


Outvio empowers a superior eCommerce shopping experience from shipping automation and self-service returns to branded tracking and customer communication. We also turn the fulfilment flow into a revenue and growth channel....Read more about Outvio

4.93 (14 reviews)


ClickPost is an eCommerce shipping management platform. This platform includes a dispatch API to create orders and generate waybills across all current and future couriers. Additionally, users can track orders in real-time on a si...Read more about ClickPost

4.29 (14 reviews)


Pietra is a platform that makes it easy to launch and scale your eCommerce business. Pietra offers everything you need but don’t want to spend years figuring out: Sourcing, Warehousing & Fulfillment, and eCommerce. Pietra also of...Read more about Pietra

4.93 (14 reviews)

Descartes Aljex

Descartes Aljex is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps businesses in eCommerce, manufacturing, distribution and various other industries streamline accounting, freight and document management operations. Th...Read more about Descartes Aljex

4.38 (13 reviews)


Shiptify is a shipping and freight solution that helps carriers collaborate with their customers and manage shipments from within a centralized portal. It enables staff members to track shipments in real-time by collecting and org...Read more about Shiptify

4.69 (13 reviews)


BeOne is a cloud-based logistics management software that helps customs brokers and freight forwarding businesses streamline transportation, accounting, CRM, warehousing and other administrative processes. It provides several func...Read more about BeOne

4.62 (13 reviews)


Browntape’s cloud-based eCommerce management software helps online sellers manage and grow their e-commerce businesses from a single dashboard. Browntape’s ERP integrations help top brands enable integrate and offer eCommerce for ...Read more about Browntape

4.33 (12 reviews)


SphereMail is a web-based mailroom management software, which allows assisted living homes, coworking spaces, business centers and retail shipping stores access incoming postal mails online or from a mobile device. ...Read more about SphereMail

4.64 (11 reviews)


EasyPost is a Shipping API that solves complex logistics problems for eCommerce businesses, enabling them to deliver an online shopping experience that delights customers. Some of the biggest names in retail rely on EasyPost to s...Read more about EasyPost

4.27 (11 reviews)


Calcurates is a shipping software that helps e-commerce calculate and display the right shipping methods, options, and rates to the customers at the checkout. Key features: Table Rates, Real-Time Rates, Rules and Restrictions, D...Read more about Calcurates

4.90 (10 reviews)


PACK & SEND Live is a freight management solution that helps eCommerce businesses streamline operations related to inventory management, label printing, and shipment tracking, among other operations. It lets staff members consolid...Read more about PACK & SEND Live

4.80 (10 reviews)


TransVirtual is a cloud-based transport management system (TMS) designed to boost productivity and operational efficiency. From consignment creation to delivery and invoicing, TransVirtual centralises management, automation, and t...Read more about TransVirtual

4.88 (8 reviews)

Shipox DMS

Shipox software is designed for businesses of every scale, from individuals running businesses to SMEs and also large corporations. Our software is just the right fit for every business’s delivery needs. Our software enables conti...Read more about Shipox DMS

4.00 (8 reviews)


Reduce manual shipping operations by up to 90%. Carriyo offers a set of solutions that will automate every step of the process. From shipment booking to label printing, all steps of the journey are fully automated, allowing Fulfil...Read more about CARRIYO

4.38 (8 reviews)


Brokerware is a cloud-based freight management solution that assists brokers in shipment tracking and payment processing. Key features include carrier selection, customer portal, payment processing and load board integrations. ...Read more about BrokerWare

4.43 (7 reviews)

PCS Shipper TMS

PCS Shipper TMS (formerly UltraShip) is a cloud-based transportation management system with integrated private fleet management capabilities for in- and out-bound logistics across all modes. PCS Shipper TMS automates the processes...Read more about PCS Shipper TMS

4.57 (7 reviews)


FreightExchange is a multi-carrier shipping platform designed to give users control over global operations. It is a cloud platform for the whole team. It's also about the people in finance who need to know that costs are in check...Read more about FreightExchange

4.29 (7 reviews)

Port TMS

Port TMS is a cloud-based solution, which assists businesses in the freight industry with transportation and workflow management. Key features include accounting, document management, shipment tracking, client management and commu...Read more about Port TMS

4.83 (6 reviews)


Portcast offers a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to enact supply-chain related risk mitigation, prediction and prescriptive strategies. The solution focuses on providing a one-stop shop for all container/freight-rela...Read more about Portcast

4.33 (6 reviews)

Neurored TMS & SCM Software

Neurored's Transportation and Supply Chain Management (TMS & SCM) solutions are 100% native to Salesforce. These solutions are perfect for enterprise and mid-sized carriers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, traders, and terminal...Read more about Neurored TMS & SCM Software

5.00 (6 reviews)


Freidesk is a cloud-based time slot management software designed to help businesses optimise and automate transportation, logistics and warehousing processes. Managers and HODs can streamline logistics operations by assigning shi...Read more about Freidesk

4.80 (5 reviews)

Freight Genius

Freight Genius TMS platform provides greater visibility, better organization, and support to take control of your company's logistics. From driver lane rate to success histories, keep track of freight transportation with a shared ...Read more about Freight Genius

4.00 (5 reviews)


Shipup is a shipment tracking solution built for a post-purchase experience that empowers online retailers to reclaim the post-purchase conversation. Shipup provides online retailers with homogenized carrier data, enabling them to...Read more about Shipup

5.00 (5 reviews)

Voyager Portal

Voyager Portal is an end-to-end platform for managing your marine supply chain. We bring together your operational processes and data into a single unified environment where teams, customers, and service providers can execute, man...Read more about Voyager Portal

4.80 (5 reviews)

Real Time Freight

Real Time Freight (RTF) TMS is a cloud-based transportation management solution (TMS) that provides businesses in transportation industry various functionalities such as rate benchmarking, capacity sourcing, business intelligence,...Read more about Real Time Freight

4.88 (4 reviews)


Cristal is a delivery management software designed to help transportation companies monitor, manage, and optimize logistics operations. Teams can gain real-time visibility into the delivery network and provide actionable insights ...Read more about Cristal

4.50 (4 reviews)


With a mission to empower businesses to achieve logistics excellence, Logibee has developed an AI-powered delivery management software that can be scaled to set up delivery operations of any size. With Logibee a business can gain...Read more about Logibee

4.75 (4 reviews)


ShipCaddie is a cloud-based parcel-shipping solution for e-commerce, retail chains, B2B wholesalers and manufacturers, third-party logistics and fulfillment centers. It enables businesses to manage their orders from any marketplac...Read more about ShipCaddie

4.33 (3 reviews) is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system that offers inventory management, customer management and e-commerce on a single, shared back office. Retailers and restaurants can offer customer pickup or delivery from an...Read more about

4.67 (3 reviews)


Wing DMS is a cloud-based delivery management system which assists logistics and courier businesses with real-time vehicle tracking and delivery scheduling. Its key features include route optimization, automated messaging, custome...Read more about WING SaaS

5.00 (3 reviews)

Intelligent Shipper

Intersoft is a eCommerce delivery management software solution specifically developed to help manage complex last-mile deliveries for carriers, eCommerce businesses and retailers. The software is a cloud-based shipping API that o...Read more about Intelligent Shipper

4.67 (3 reviews)

SCM - Transportation Planning & Scheduling

SCM - Transportation Planning & Scheduling opens up new possibilities for real-time network planning and route/tour optimization. The solution optimizes inbound and outbound transportation scenarios and integrates shipments across...Read more about SCM - Transportation Planning & Scheduling

4.00 (3 reviews)

tiramizoo Last Mile Master

tiramizoo's multiple award-winning Last Mile Master is a complete SaaS platform for optimizing last-mile logistics. LMM allows users to maintain full control over last-mile processes and gives them real-time visibility through o...Read more about tiramizoo Last Mile Master

5.00 (3 reviews)


Dropon is a delivery management platform. We help every company dealing with frequent deliveries. We do that by listening to the core challenges of our customers and offering bespoke solutions for everyone (if required). Our softw...Read more about Dropon

5.00 (3 reviews)

Work&Track Mobile

Work&Track Mobile is a cloud-based field service management solution offered by NEO Managing Mobility. The platform is used across industries such as utilities and logistics. Work&Track Mobile allows users to schedule and dis...Read more about Work&Track Mobile

5.00 (3 reviews)


ProShip, a Neopost company, is a global provider of multi-carrier shipping software serving industries including aerospace, education, health care, retail, e-commerce and wholesale. ProShip help companies automate their busin...Read more about ProShip

5.00 (2 reviews)


FASCOR provides warehouse management and transportation management software (Small Parcel and LTL) for warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing companies. Designed to control costs, improve inventory accuracy, reduce labor req...Read more about FASCOR WMS

4.50 (2 reviews)

Dashboard OSM

Dashboard OSM is an online sales management software created as an ecommerce solution to help streamline and increase online sales revenue by unifying multiple business systems into one platform. Companies or online sellers can ma...Read more about Dashboard OSM

4.50 (2 reviews)


Sorted is a delivery management solution designed to help businesses handle carriers, shipments, returns, refunds and exchanges. Teams can generate shipping labels and customs documentation according to requirements. Sorted allow...Read more about Sorted

5.00 (2 reviews)

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

ShipConsole is a multi-carrier shipping solution that integrates Oracle Applications into major parcel and freight carriers. ShipConsole will automatically read the weight from your scale and automatically prints carrier-compliant...Read more about Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

4.50 (2 reviews)

Fulfillment Bridge

Fulfillment Bridge is a 3PL partner to manage orders and fulfill them across the globe. The software offer inventory management, profitable returns, and affordable fulfillment so that users can grow their business and reach their ...Read more about Fulfillment Bridge

3.00 (2 reviews)


Packsoft is available as a cloud-based SaaS or on-premises shipment management solution. It is for companies of all sizes that organize domestic or international deliveries, including food and beverage companies, consumables manuf...Read more about Packsoft

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VIA is a transportation management solution that provides businesses with the tools to manage operations such as route planning, load calculations, carrier rate tracking, customer quote creation, external load tracking, fleet mana...Read more about VIA

5.00 (1 reviews)

Logistyx TME

Logistyx TME reports and analytics provide the intelligence needed to fine-tune transportation strategies. Architected with cloud technology, Logistyx TME enables shippers to significantly increase order volumes without increasing...Read more about Logistyx TME

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For e-commerce teams who need a better order and shipping flow. Webshipper is a cloud-based shipping management platform that connects e-commerce platforms with shipping carriers and enables users to automate all order and shippin...Read more about Webshipper

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The Q-iLS© is a strategic application that binds the organization into a single web through its innovative features. The integration is global, whether it is rating or booking containers of finance, allow the Line to manage throug...Read more about Q-ILS

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reybex Cloud ERP is an integrated ERP software solution that provides numerous features for merchandise management, ecommerce, inventory management, supply chain management, warehousing, CRM, project management, manufacturing, qua...Read more about reybex

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PitneyShip Pro

PitneyShip Pro provides a complete cloud-based solution for all shipping needs. With PitneyShip Pro, users can deliver the most cost-effective service to your customers with carrier rate comparisons, discounted options and access ...Read more about PitneyShip Pro

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DispatchEx is web based customizable DMS (delivery management System). Main Features includes real time tracking of order and driver, invoicing and billing along with COD ( cash on delivery) Management and route management. Dispa...Read more about DispatchEx

5.00 (1 reviews)

Dynamics TMS

With over 30 years of domain expertise in the transportation industry, this application is a "Best-Of-Breed" solution intended for shippers that need easy access to carrier freight rates utilizing tariff based as well as real-time...Read more about Dynamics TMS

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Cirrus TMS

Cirrus TMS is a cloud-based transportation management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. It provides features such as carrier management, contract rating, quote tracking and reporting. Cirrus TMS’ carrier manageme...Read more about Cirrus TMS

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3G-TM is a cloud-based and on-premise transportation management solution that is suitable for shipping and third-party logistics companies. It features order management, freight audit and payments, reporting and others. The s...Read more about 3GTMS

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Oracle Cloud SCM

Oracle SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite. The product features product development, which allows user...Read more about Oracle Cloud SCM

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AIT SureShip

AIT SureShip is a shipping management solution that integrates Infor StyeLine and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with UPS, FedEx and USPS. It supports on-premise and cloud-based deployment and is suitable for i...Read more about AIT SureShip

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LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a cloud-based transportation management solution that allows users to plan delivery routes and track vehicles. The solution is suitable for industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, banking and ins...Read more about LogiNext Mile

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SwanLeap TMS

SwanLeap TMS is the most user-friendly, fully customizable private cloud software available. Based on true cloud technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, SwanLeap delivers real-time, rapid results in ...Read more about SwanLeap TMS

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Bridge LCS

Bridge LCS is a cloud-based logistics ERP software for businesses within the transportation and logistics industries. The platform, which is available across the Middle East and India, offers a range of features including contact ...Read more about Bridge LCS

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Beetrack is a cloud-based fleet management solution that tracks fleet and packages in real-time. It can be used across various industries, including e-commerce, industry, consumer packaged goods (CPG), service and maintenance and ...Read more about Beetrack

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Free shipping software that does more than print labels. Cut the cost and speed of fulfilling orders with low shipping rates, automation and powerful fulfillment tools with Veeqo’s FREE shipping management software....Read more about Veeqo

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UNIGIS is a TMS platform with all the necessary applications to achieve intelligent transportation and distribution management processes between customers and suppliers. This platform includes tools that incorporate the latest tec...Read more about Unigis

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Scurri is a technology partner for online sellers & senders that knits together all the different parts of the delivery process making it more efficient, effective, safe and reliable. Scurri has a wide range of carrier integrati...Read more about Scurri

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Shipthe is a cloud-based freight management solution for freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain industry. It offers customers a suite of tools to streamline their freight operations, communicate and provide real-time shipm...Read more about Shipthis

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As the only parcel TMS provider enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility from shipping analytics & automation to customer delivery experience management, Enveyo is shipping data science. Enveyo Insights and Modeling solutions ...Read more about Enveyo

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The myFulfillment cloud solution has been developed in order to help you, e-merchants, manage your warehouses. From a single SaaS interface, you can manage your stocks, your inventories, and most of all, optimize your order prepar...Read more about myFulfillment

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Manhattan Active Transportation Management

Manhattan's transportation management system (TMS) is a hybrid supply chain management solution that helps companies address transportation optimization problems. Manhattan TMS provides a suite of tools such as planning and execut...Read more about Manhattan Active Transportation Management

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Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping is built for eCommerce stores who want to leverage shipping as a marketing & financial tool that boosts their conversions, maintains their margins, and gives them a competitive advantage in their market. Intui...Read more about Intuitive Shipping

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Lojistic is a SaaS platform that helps small and medium businesses manage your logistics operations and shipping processes from a single dashboard, whilst facilitating integration with several third-party carriers including UPS, F...Read more about Lojistic

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Logistics Manager Professional

Logistics Manager Professional provides tools to assist 3PL providers, freight forwarders, exporters, importers, and cargo firms in reducing errors and improving efficiency in the SCM process. It offers advanced tools to help stor...Read more about Logistics Manager Professional

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EZI-E Logistics

EZI-E Logistics is an integrated platform that helps online sellers manage their shipping operations. The platform connects partners across various departments such as more logistics, tech, finance, and customer service...Read more about EZI-E Logistics

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Leopard Delivery

Leopard Delivery Cloud is a proof of delivery application designed to simplify and manage delivery tasks for drivers and dispatch staff. The increased visibility, access to real time data, workflows and connection between the off...Read more about Leopard Delivery

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Global Wizard

The platform provides RESTful and secure APIs, enabling companies to integrate shipment data, screen denied or restricted parties, and transfer data to other providers in their supply chain. Users can integrate their CRM or ERP sy...Read more about Global Wizard

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Shops United

Shops United is a Dutch-language software for address verification and shipping. Users can manually or automatically create orders....Read more about Shops United

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Yojee is a delivery management platform that allows businesses to gain visibility and control across logistics operations, manage partners and scale business operations. It helps automate operational processes on a single platfo...Read more about Yojee

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Narvar is a cloud-based customer experience management solution, designed to help retailers manage returns and exchanges, track packages and connect with customers via messaging. Supervisors can monitor delivery exceptions and r...Read more about Narvar

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Salesforce for Transportation & Logistics

Salesforce for Transportation & Logistics is a CRM solution that helps freight and transportation businesses with managing shipments, recruiting and training drivers, and marketing. The cloud-based solution integrates every facet ...Read more about Salesforce for Transportation & Logistics

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FreightFriend is a truckload procurement platform that uses data to help shippers, brokers and carriers build and manage relationships with logistics companies they trust and then match the right capacity to the right freight. T...Read more about FreightFriend

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PAQATO allows organizations to drive revenue-generating operations through automated agile growth approaches. It enables entrepreneurs to create package track and trace pages with numerous customizable templates and integrate them...Read more about PAQATO

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Trackfree is a shipment tracking solution designed to ensure a smooth branded customer experience - both through monitoring and tracking all shipments and keeping customers informed accordingly. ...Read more about TrackFree

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Consignmate is a cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS). Designed to manage transport operations for transport carriers and Senders. Consignments can be created, imported via EDI or Entered via the Customer Portal. Jobs can...Read more about Consignmate

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Deliverr is an order fulfillment solution that provides online merchants with a competitive advantage by enabling them to fulfill marketplace and shopping cart orders quickly. Deliverr's high-tech inventory management tools, fast ...Read more about Deliverr

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CourierCloud is a full-featured transportation management system for time-critical shipping providers. Domestic or international, next-flight-out, local messenger, same-day shipping, service parts logistics, freight, supply chain ...Read more about CourierCloud

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Kentro is a Modern ERP built by e-Commerce experts to streamline and automate your operational processes to support your scale and growth with maximum efficiency. Kentro comes with set of built-in features essential for effective...Read more about Kentro

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Returnless provides webshops with return software to digitize their return process. The online return platform automates the entire return process. It provides a digital return form that lets customers have less return related que...Read more about Returnless

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