Vendor Listing FAQ

Table of Contents:

How do I get listed on your site?

The easiest way to get listed on our site is to visit our vendor information page. There, you can access and fill out our Product Briefing Form, which will capture information about your product that we will use to determine if it is a fit for our site. As you fill out that form, you’ll be asked to upload a high-resolution copy of your logo and (ideally) six screenshots of your product.

Separately, we have a team of advisors outside of our research team who talk to buyers and introduce them to vendors that fit their requirements. This creates warm sales opportunities by directly recommending specific vendors to buyers. Our vendor information page has more details on our Highly Qualified Leads (HQL) program.

(Note: getting listed on our website is not contingent on participating in our HQL program.)

I’m interested in receiving Highly Qualified Leads—how can I learn more?

The easiest way to get more information on our HQL program is to visit our vendor information page, where you can connect with our Business Development team. Just click the “Join our leads program” button, fill out your contact information, and a member of that team should get back to you shortly.

Do I need to have a product profile on your site before signing up to receive Highly Qualified Leads?

No. You can join our HQL program without having a pre-existing profile on our site. All you have to do is visit our vendor information page.

How do I update my product profile?

We always strive to have the information on our site be the most up-to-date and accurate, and we are happy to make adjustments that fit within our editorial guidelines (we emphasize objectivity in each product profile). Please email update requests to

My product doesn’t currently meet the minimum listing requirements. Is there any way I can still get listed?

We really appreciate your interest in getting listed on our site. Unfortunately, if the product information you submitted does not meet our criteria, we cannot add your product. However, you can always reach out again if you update your product offerings and we will reevaluate.

When will my profile will ‘go live’?

Our product profile coordinator independently reviews all submissions, and with the current queue it can take over four weeks for submissions to be vetted, written and pushed live. We appreciate your patience. We will be sure to reach back out if we need any other information or when your profile goes live, so there is no need to email us in the meantime.

I have a question about a specific review on my product profile ...

We have a dedicated Reviews team that manages these types of requests. Please check out our Reviews Guidelines, and then submit any questions and/or requests to

How do I get more product reviews?

The best way to get more reviews is to direct current customers/clients to your Software Advice product profile, where they can leave reviews at the bottom of the page.

Mark DiGiammarino leads our vendor marketing and reviews recruitment program, and can provide you with additional information about how you can streamline the reviews recruitment process. You can reach him at

Can I submit a demo video?

Yes. We find that including a demo video that shows your product in action with screenshots or a recorded walk-through is quite helpful for prospective buyers. Videos should ideally be in the two to five minute range; no longer than 10 minutes maximum.

Note that demo videos will only appear on the profiles of HQL clients. We are exploring the possibility of adding demo videos to non-client profiles in the future, however we do not currently offer this capability.

How will you use the pricing information I provide?

We never display your prices publicly on our site. Instead, we use the pricing information you provide to assign your product a range of one to five dollar signs ($ - $$$$$). This price range helps visitors organize their search results so they can make a more informed decision. Note that pricing information must be submitted in order for us to list your product on our site.

I’m having trouble submitting my logo and screenshots. What can I do?

If you should experience trouble uploading your logo and screenshots, please email Our team can help you submit your screenshots and manually complete your survey.,/p>

Is there a way to get my product listed more quickly?

All products submitted are reviewed in the order in which they are received. However, vendors interested in joining our Highly Qualified Leads program will be able to work directly with members of our Business Development team to build their profiles.