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of software buyers consult online reviews?

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of software buyers consult online reviews?


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How do I get my product listed?

Step 1: Click “Create a free listing” to begin your request.

Step 2: Verify that your product offers one or more of the core applications and/or modules we’ve identified; this information will be provided when you select your industry in the product listing submission form.

Step 3: As part of your product listing request, you’ll be asked to upload six screenshots and your company logo. After submission, one of our Market Specialists will be in touch regarding next steps.

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Why choose our leads program?

Telephone qualification: Our expert Advisors conduct a personalized needs analysis with every interested buyer via phone or live chat, resulting in highly specific recommendations. As a market leader, we average just three product recommendations per qualification; no more than five.

In-house matching system: Our proprietary algorithms evaluate buyers against more than 500 qualification criteria—letting your sales team focus on closing the most serious buyers, rather than screening inquiries.

Backed by Gartner: Software Advice is a Gartner company—the world’s largest IT research and consulting firm—making us a dedicated, fair and objective team.

“At-will” service: Opt out at any time. Pay only for highly qualified leads.

Equal exposure for all vendors: We partner with some of the largest software providers in the market, as well as some of the most niche—giving equal representation to all vendors.


Software Vendors Love Us

"In our opinion, Software Advice's lead quality is unmatched. We really appreciate how we can collaborate directly with the Software Advice team to maximize our online marketing opportunities." BuilderTREND
"Software Advice leads are qualified, looking to purchase, and ready to speak to our reps. We have witnessed a 5-to-1 ROI on our advertising budget, and couldn’t be happier with the results!" Fishbowl
"Software Advice is a solid performer for us. Specifically, we see a consistent flow of telephone-qualified leads that are very high quality. Software Advice is a trusted source." Marketo

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testimonialpic“I needed to make my company's estimating more efficient. Software Advice has all the information and you need and help to put you on the right path to finding the best software that fits your company's needs.” Grant G. / Operations Manager
testimonialpic“No pressure... Listened to my wants and needs. Recommended appropriate software. Put the suppliers in touch with me. Followed up to ensure I was happy and taken care of.” Melissa V. / Project Administrator
testimonialpic“Software Advice can help you narrow your choices. I'm pretty sure they're as unbiased as they can be, and it's free. Saved me a TON of time.” Nicole S. / VP, Consulting