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Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Recommended by: Recommended by:

75% of users

65% of users

Operating Systems: Operating Systems:



Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility:

Deployment: Deployment:

Target customer size: Target customer size:

Price: Price:


Most positive review: Most positive review:

“I have used a lot of support systems in my day, but this is the best. We found it super easy to setup and use (no training required for our staff), and it was reasonably priced.”

- Daniel Kan, Exec

“This product is great; I love their hosted solution. This allows us to avoid buying expensive server hardware to host their application in house. I was able to work with their support team and get this help desk application rolled out in a few days.”

- Emmett Vallo, Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“I found it cumbersome and temperamental. We were constantly struggling to get it to work properly in the beginning. I thought the set-up was horribly confusing and time consuming.”

- Neesa Artz-Barker, Microsoft

“There is no simple calendar integration with requests. You have to literally use your own calendar solution for setting up future appointments.”

- Piotr Sarat, The Pampered Chef


How it's priced: How it's priced:

UserVoice is a cloud-based solution. You pay a monthly subscription fee for each user login.

Zendesk is a cloud-based solution. You pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for each user login.

Contract term: Contract term:

UserVoice requires no contract for cloud-based deployment.

Zendesk requires a monthly contract for cloud-based deployment, renewed monthly; or a year-long contract, renewed annually.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

No upfront fees.

Additional fees may apply for Zopim Chat or Zendesk Voice.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

None, beyond subscription fees.

None, beyond annual or monthly subscription fees.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Marketing automation: Marketing automation:

Sales automation: Sales automation:

Customer service/support: Customer service/support:

Call center: Call center:

Channel management: Channel management:

Social CRM: Social CRM:

Web self service: Web self service:

Lead opportunity management: Lead opportunity management:

Ease of Use:

Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“It’s extremely easy to use and very efficient for our support team to provide amazing support to our users.”

- Vincent Turner, Planwise

“It provides great record keeping [for] the support tickets received from our teams. It keeps me aware of the open tickets I need to address, and provides a record of re-occurring issues.”

- Amy Halstead, JVM

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Searching for tickets isn’t always accurate, could improve matching ability in the search results.”

- Lindsey Schwarze, Invoca

“The look and feel could use a little more polish. The way information is presented in the Admin console is a bit unorthodox and hard to get used to.”

- Jonathan Crane, Smartronix


Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“When I was having my account set up, support was readily available and willing to have back and forth conversation to troubleshoot. They were very helpful.”

- Arturo Folino, Postmates

“Simply using the product makes it obvious that is was designed by, and is maintained by, people with a very strong understanding of the support process, and [of] what’s important to both the support reps and the customers they support.”

- Rusty Wilson, Zenoss, Inc.

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“They were quick to schedule a video conference and answer questions … But, they just don't have the ability to make changes to the UI in the way we need.”

- Jonathan Kuhn, Stripe

“Sometimes customer service is slow [to] respond when there’s a problem. This delay translates to client dissatisfaction, which is never the goal.”

- Kristy Watkins, University of Michigan

Phone support: Phone support:

Phone support not offered.

24/7 phone support for all plans.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

Online case submission not offered.

Included in subscription fee.

Online support options: Online support options:

Help website and knowledge base included in subscription fee.

Access to a help website, knowledge base and online community are included in subscription fee.

Training: Training:

“Getting Started” online catalogue included in subscription fee.

A “Getting Started” online catalogue is included in subscription fee. Additional training can be purchased through Zen U.

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